2016-2017 Rating Information(200 kb)

Enquiries concerning property rates, name & addresses etc. should be directed to the Rates Officer Tel. 08 8522 9211.
Or for more information, the Local Government Association has general information on their website Here


Council has adopted quarterly billing in accordance with amendments to the Local Government Act 1999.
Instalments for 2016-2017 financial year are:

2 September 2016         2 December 2016         3 March 2017         2 June 2017

Payment of Rates

You can now conveniently pay your Council Rates as follows:

Are you struggling to keep track of your bills?  Worried you will forget to pay on time?  We can help! The Town of Gawler is pleased to announce it has recently implemented two new payment options for Council rates:

Direct Debit - There are two options available, you can select either aMonthly Direct Debit (set amount on 15th of each month), or a Quarterly Debit (amount of the quarterly instalment on the due date). Please contact the Council Office on (08) 8522 9211 to further discuss or alternatively, you can download an application form. Please note, applications need to be received at the Council Office not less than two (2) days prior the debit commencement date.

BPAY View – If you are tired of receiving paper bills and would prefer to receive your rate notices electronically then BPAY View may be for you!  BPAY View can send your rate notice straight to the same online or mobile bank you use to pay them.  Offering convenient email, SMS or bank message reminders and secure online or mobile access, it only takes a few minutes to get started.  Simply log on to your online or mobile bank to register with the Town of Gawler (Biller Code 36129).  You will need to register with your Customer Reference Number (Assessment Number) and Authentication Number (Valuation Number) both of which can be found on the front of your rate notice.  If you would like more information about BPAY View, visit www.bpay.com.au.

Experiencing difficulty paying your rates?

If you are experiencing financial difficulty and would like to organise a payment arrangement for your Council Rates, please contact the Council Office on (08) 8522 9211 to discuss or download a Payment Arrangement Form.

Please note Direct debit is also now available on Monthly or Quarterly payment terms. All enquiries are treated confidentially


State Government Concessions

Until this year, the State Government funded concessions on Council rates.  These concessions were formerly available to the holders of pensioner concession cards, veterans, low-income earners, unemployed, students and self-funded retirees.  These concessions were abolished by the State Government with effect from 30 June 2015.  From 1 July 2015, the State Government has elected to replace these concessions with a single "cost-of-living payment" provided directly to those entitled.  This payment may be used to offset Council rates.  Note that not all former recipients of rates concessions will be entitled to the new payment. To check eligibility and/or apply for the "Cost of Living Payment", contact the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI) Concessions Hotline 1800 307 758 or visit their website at www.sa.gov.au/ 


Rate Capping

Council may on application, grant a rebate if your rates (excluding the NRM Levy, Waste Management charge and any concession/rebate) have increased on the amount you paid last year by more than:
·        10% (self-funded retirees or those ratepayers whose primary income is sourced from fixed government benefits); or
·        20% (other residential ratepayers).

As part of the eligibility criteria, the property for which you are seeking the rebatemust be:
a)   Your principal place of residence;and
b)   Has been your principal place of residence since 1 July 2015;and
c)   Is privately owned (not owned by a company or incorporated body).

You will be ineligible for Rate Capping if the increase in rates is a result of:
·        Significant improvements that have affected the capital value of the property; or
·        A change in land use or rezoning of the property (wholly or partially) since 1 July 2015; or
·        A change in the ownership of the property since 1 July 2015; or

All applications must be lodged with Council within 60 days from the date of issue of the first rate notice for the current year.

Download the 2017 Application for Rate Capping Form

Late Payment Penalties

(a) Fines
Rates become in arrears at the expiration of 60 days from the date of notice as shown on the face hereof or when any instalment under a Council approved instalment plan remains unpaid at the due date for the payment of the instalment. If any rates including instalment become in arrears:

(i) A fine of two per centum of the amount in arrears will be added on the day on which the rates are first in arrears.
(ii) Upon the expiration of each month from that day, a further fine calculated in accordance with Section 181 of the Local Government Act. 1999, on the total amount in arrears (including the amount of any pervious unpaid fine) will be added.

(b) Recovery
In any case where default in payment of rates (including instalment) occurs, Council may without further notice commence proceedings for recovery of all amounts due. Recovery proceedings available to Council include:

(i) proceedings in any court of competent jurisdiction
(ii) an order requiring an occupier of a property to pay to Council amounts of rent otherwise payable to the owner of the property.
(iii) compulsory sale of property

Objection to Land Use
The use to which the land is put governs the differential general rate. A ratepayer who is of the opinion that the description is incorrect may object. The objection must be made within 60 days after the objector recieves notice of the attribution of the particular land use; must be in writing addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, P.O. Box 130, Gawler, SA 5118; and must state grounds for objections and the objector's opinion of correct land use.

Objection to Valuation
The basis of assessment is the valuation derived from the Valuer-General's assessment as adopted by Council (Capital Value). You may object to the validation referred to in this notice by writing served personally or by post on the Valuer-General within 60 days after the date of service of the notice.


(a) if you have previously received a notice or notices under the Local Government Act, 1999 referring to the valuation and informing you of a 60-day objection period, the objection period is 60 days after service of the first such notice
(b) you may not object to the valuation if the Valuer-General has already considered an objection by you to that valuation

Objections are to be forwarded to:

The Office of the Valuer-General
101 Grenfell St,
Adelaide South Australia
GPO Box 1354, Adelaide SA 5001
Tel. 1300 653 345
Email: LsgObjections@sa.gov.au

The payment of rates cannot be suspended whilst the assessment is subject to a (Valuation/Land Use) objection. Rates will be adjusted when the objection has been resolved.

89 Murray Street, Gawler SA 5118
Tel: 08 8522 9211