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Identify, Investigate and Promote Water Recycling in the Barossa Region Project

The Town of Gawler in partnership with RDA Barossa, other councils and the Barossa Grape and Wine Association, is undertaking a project to Identify, Investigate and Promote Water Recycling in the Barossa Region to assist in achieving long term water security for Barossa Businesses.  The project is being undertaken by Barossa Environmental.

We need your knowledge to get the most value from this research!! 

We need to know about your waste water production or your water requirements to ensure that the methodologies and technologies that are researched are appropriate and applicable to you!

Two surveys have been developed to gather information, one for waste water producers and one for water users.  If your organisation does both then please complete both surveys.

Waste Water Producers

Water Users

We are all aware of the increasing pressure on our potable water supplies so it is important that we make the greatest use and extract the most value from any water we take from that system.

This is a two staged Project:

Stage 1 - Research and Analysis

The “State of Water Recycling in the Barossa Region” will be explored and will report on the current use of water recycling technology in the region and the identification of any obstacles and issues that are associated with recycling water.  It will also recognise further opportunities for recycling water by identifying sources of waste water and its primary contaminants and also where water is needed and the standard of water required.

The report will additionally showcase successful water recycling projects in the region through a number of case studies.


Stage 2: Opportunities

“Water Recycling Opportunities in the Barossa Region Report” will identify technologies and methodologies that may be employed to treat the water we have to get it to the quality we need.  It will assess ‘triple bottom line’ impacts of those technologies and methodologies.

Privacy and Confidentiality

The identification and contact details of the respondent and the organisation information will be used purely internally, for the purpose of clarifying any information given in the survey, and for notifying respondents on the progress and outcomes of the study (where requested).  Only summary data will be used in the report and individual organisations will not be identified unless they are the focus of a case study, in which case the organisation will have the opportunity to review and approve the final version of the case study prior to its inclusion in the report. 


We need your data and information to successfully and completely understand the water issues and requirements in the region, so please complete either or both of the surveys as relevant to your business:

Waste Water Producers

Water Users

For more information, please contact Kathy Coombs kathy@barossaenvironmental.com.au or call 0415 909 076.

This project has been funded by the Government of South Australia.

Hazardous Waste

Contact Environment Protection Authority Tel.  08 8204 2004
Household and farm chemicals can be delivered to an Environmental Protection Authority depot at Dry Creek.

The depot is open on the first Tuesday in the month, 9.00am to 12 noon.

The EPA will accept items such as: pesticides, solvents, acids, tyres, paints, waste oil, pharmaceuticals, pool chemicals, batteries. Items NOT accepted include explosives, ammunition, pressurised gas cylinders, radioactive materials, and asbestos. This service is only available to householders and farmers.

Mobile Garbage Bins, Lost or Stolen

If your mobile garbage bin is stolen or broken please advise NAWMA on the Toll Free Number: 1800 111 004
Green waste (Garden Organics) bins are the owner's responsibility and will not be repaired or replaced by NAWMA.
New residents requiring waste collection services, please contact NAWMA on the Toll Free Number: 1800 111 004

  • Delivery of bin is usually within 24 hours.
  • All bins delivered Monday to Friday excluding Public Holidays.

Additional waste services including uprade to a larger capacity bin can be provided by NAWMA for an annual (financial year) charge, contact NAWMA on 1800 111 004 for further information.

Payment must be made prior to the bin being delivered.

Other Recycling

Scout Bottling Centre: Paxton St, Willaston will take anything that can be recycled.

Contact Council's Environment Officer Tel. 8522 9257 for appropriate disposal / recycling facilities available for other materials.

Residential Hard Waste


Waste & Recycling Services

Residents have access to a 3 bin kerbside Waste Management system

GREENWASTE: Householders may elect to purchase their own bin for garden organics disposal.  There is no additional charge for collection.

The bin must display NAWMA's yellow sticker (provided on registration of bin) before it will be emptied.  The Green waste Bin may contain - pruning's (no greater than 100mm in diameter), grass clippings, weeds, leaves and flowers - DO NOT PUT PLASTIC BAGS OR BIN LINERS IN THE BIN.  Collection of green waste is on the alternate fortnight to recycle collections.

Householders can ring NAWMA to request a free kitchen bench-top bin designed for food organics.  When the bench-top bin is full, simply empty the contents into your green lid wheelie bin for kerbside collection. Green waste bins are emptied fortnightly on alternate weeks to recycle service. 



Bins should be out by 7am on day of collection. A Calendar of collection dates is available from NAWMA Tel. 1800 111 004 or 08 8252 9666.

NAWMA Resource Recovery Centre(411 kb)
Waste Collection 2016-2017 - Gawler(681 kb)
Waste Collection 2016-2017 - Gawler CBD(651 kb)

Additional waste collection services can be purchased for an annual fee.  Contact Customer Service Tel. 08 8522 9211 for further information.

89 Murray Street, Gawler SA 5118
Tel: 08 8522 9211