Residential Town Character Study

What makes Gawler, Gawler?

Council has commenced a study to identify elements of residential character (as distinct from heritage) within Gawler. This includes building forms, streetscapes and other important areas of the public realm. It will also identify sites that might be appropriate for well-designed infill development.

To ensure that Council has a broad understanding of those matters that are important, it is seeking input from the community.

Council invites people to provide written submissions, letters, emails and/or (even better) photographs with short captions highlighting specific elements of Gawler’s unique character.  These might be items such as:

  • The arrangement of land uses
  • Walls or fences
  • Building types, sizes and heights
  • Building materials
  • The width of allotments
  • Setbacks (front and side)
  • Roads (widths and materials)
  • Streets trees and garden beds
  • Footpaths (verge treatment, width and/or materials)
  • Signs
  • Light poles
  • On-street car parking

People might also like to take photographs or note down elements that could be improved, or areas that need to be redeveloped (including their own land). Just remember to provide the address of each item in the photograph and note whether you think the item is one you consider to be positive, or one in need of improvement.

Written submissions, letters and/or printed photo-collages should be titled Residential Town Character Study and addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Town of Gawler, PO BOX 130, Gawler SA 5118. Alternatively you can provide written submissions, letters, emails and photos electronically to

The consultation period commences Wednesday 2 July 2014

Following the close of the consultation period, Council invites people to the Gawler Sport and Community Centre (Youth Shak), Nixon Terrace, Gawler on Monday 18 August 2014 from 7:00pm –9.00pm (pop this date in your diary now) to hear about some of the issues raised on by the community during the consultation period.  This forum will also provide the opportunity to chat about key issues with project team. 

Information Paper to Support Consultation

After Hours Contact Call 08 8522 9211
43 High Street, Gawler East SA 5118
Tel: 08 8522 9211
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