Council Development Assessment Panel (CDAP)

Council’s Development Assessment Panel (often referred to as CDAP or DAP) is a body of people who consider and make decisions on some development applications on behalf of Council.

The role of CDAP is to make impartial and transparent development assessment decisions based on the policies in the Gawler (CT) Development Plan.

The CDAP consists of seven members appointed by the Council. A minimum of four members must be independent of the Council and up to three members are Council Elected Members. All members have voting rights and decisions are made on a majority basis.

CDAP members have to abide by the Code of Conduct under Section 21A of the Development Act 1993. Some important stipulations in the Code of Conduct are that panel members can not:

The independent members who serve on the CDAP are experienced professionals who have worked, or are working in development related fields which may include planning, architecture, engineering, heritage, environment, urban design and law. This helps to ensure that decisions made by CDAP will be informed by the Development Plan and what the Development Plan has envisioned for the area.

The Elected Members of Council as a whole have no role in decisions made by CDAP. The CDAP will weigh up the pros and cons of a proposal by referring to the relevant provisions of the Development Plan. Decisions are made on the ‘balance’ of the Objectives and Principles contained in the Development Plan. Decisions are not required to be endorsed or ratified by the elected Council. The mixture of Council representatives and independent members provides a balanced view on the CDAP combining local experience and technical expertise.

Further information on the administration of the Town of Gawler CDAP, including delegations, operating procedures and policies can be found in the following documents: 

CDAP Operating Procedures(96 kb)

Council Development Assessment Panel (CDAP) Guide(1838 kb)

Further information on the protocol for CDAP meetings can be found here(648 kb).

The Agendas and Minutes of Town of Gawler CDAP meetings can be found here.

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