Guidelines for the Keeping of Bees

To prevent the keeping of bees in places where they may be a nuisance or danger to persons, and for the comfort and safety of the inhabitants of the area, Section 254 of the Local Government Act 1999 provides Council with the 'power to make orders' to prevent or refrain a person(s) from doing a specified thing. Theses provisions cover:

To help members of the community understand the expectation of Council in these matters, the following guidelines for keeping bees are provided which may help avoid action being taken under the Order Making provisions of Section 254 of the Local Government Act, 1999.

Restrictions on bee keeping
Bees should not be kept in those parts of the area which are within 50 metres of:

Bee keeping nuisance

Bees should not be kept in any part or parts of the area where the keeping of bees is or may be a nuisance or danger to persons therein.

Notification of intention to keep bees

Appropriate communications should be given to adjoining neighbours by the person(s) intending to keep bees outlining their intentions. This information should include location, number of hives, and the management and maintenance program to be put in place.

Please note that this information is only intended to provide guidance to the community and does not in any way bind the Council.

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