Gawler Going Green

Over the past twelve months, Council has been replacing high energy products with more energy efficient options in the Elderly Centre, Sports and Recreation Centre, Evanston Gardens Community Centre and the Aquatic Centre. These energy upgrades have been completed with funding received from the Australian Government. Council hopes their efforts will initiate a whole of community response to the consequences of climate change, resulting in a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. 

"Many of the energy efficient measures adopted by Council can easily be done in homes", says Gawler Mayor Karen Redman. "I encourage you to attend the community information meetings and learn more about making our homes and workplaces more energy efficient."

Gawler Council have organised two community meetings next Wednesday to inform residents and local businesses about practical ways to cut down energy consumption and reduce their energy bills in the home and workplace.

The community meetings are one of many initiatives that Council has organised to update the community on what Council has done to reduce energy consumption and to encourage residents to follow suit.

The Community and Business Information Sessions on Energy Efficiency will be held on Wednesday 10 June at 2pm and 7pm at the Evanston Gardens Community Centre. For more information, contact Gawler Council on 8522 9211 or visit the Facebook page.


Gawler Going Green Flyer(248 kb)

Gawler Going Green Q and A Sheet(537 kb)

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