Gawler Library Review and Strategic Report

Your feedback is being invited on the Library Review and Strategic Report.

The Library Review and Strategic Report is an important document which will position Town of Gawler to provide library services that meet the needs of the growing community now and into the future, and particularly within the context of the Gawler Connect project.

The document consists of two reports:

Part 1: Strategic Context and Overview – this report outlines:
a. A national snapshot of Australian public libraries
b. Policy and strategic context
c. Emerging trends and challenges
d. Demographics (current and future community profile)
e. Existing facility provision
f. Comparative review of Gawler Public Library against Australian public library standards

Library Review and Strategic Report Part 1


Part 2: Library Connect – an integral part of Gawler Connect – this report outlines:
a. The vision for Gawler Public Library in Gawler Connect
b. Considerations for the Library in Gawler Connect
c. The proposed service delivery model for Gawler Connect
d. Areas of focus and strategies

Library Review and Strategic Report Part 2


Feedback can be submitted via this online form Online Form. Hard copies of the feedback form are also available at the Gawler and Evanston Gardens libraries.


Feedback closes at 5pm on Friday 2 September 2016


For more information please contact:
Chiah Mayne
Team Leader Library Services
8522 9126
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89 Murray Street, Gawler SA 5118
Tel: 08 8522 9211