Gawler Public Library Collection Management Policy

Our collection management policy guides staff involved in the management of library materials and resources giving consideration to the guiding principles of the South Australian Public Library Network Collection Policy 2013. This includes the selection, acquisition, management, maintenance and disposal of resources in order to meet the needs of customers and the library's aims and objectives.

The South Australian Public Library Network administers the One Card Network which allows libraries across South Australia to share the same database. This gives library customers access to over four million items across public libraries in South Australia and the ability to place holds on items to be picked up from the library of choice. The South Australian Public Library Network Collection Policy 2013 provides a State-wide standard for managing stock in individual libraries to provide consistency in collection policies and practices.

Basic Criteria for Selection

Materials selected for inclusion in the Gawler Public Library are considered in terms of the criteria listed below.  The importance and application of each of the criteria will vary from one collection to another.  These criteria are:

  • Appropriateness to the needs and interests of the community
  • Reputation and significance of author, publisher, or illustrator
  • Reliability of content
  • Currency of information
  • Importance of the subject to the balance of the collection
  • Australian content
  • Suitability of subject, style and reading level for the intended audience
  • Cost of the item and the associated processing costs
  • Sustainability of format
  • Availability of materials at other libraries
  • Age of the item
  • Physical condition of the item

Materials are purchased as budget permits and in accordance with the library's annual collection development priorities.

Recommendations and Donations

Customers are encouraged to recommend items they would like to see added to the collection using the Suggest a Purchase form. These recommendations are considered subject to the selection criteria outlined above.

Due to the Gawler Connect project the Library is currently unable to accept donations. You can contact charity shops, other libraries and NAWMA to see if they will accept your donated items.

Collection Maintenance

Collection Management includes the removal of material which is no longer relevant to the collection, is seldom used, or is worn out. Removing items is an ongoing process which aims to ensure that the collection is current, accessible, in good physical condition and relevant to the community.
The following factors are considered when withdrawing a title from the collection:

  • Physical condition - dirty, worn, damaged items are withdrawn. Popular titles are replaced where possible
  • Circulation history - Titles which have not been used or borrowed in the previous three years are considered for withdrawal
  • Currency of information - Date of publication is used as an indicator for subjects where currency is important, for example travel guides, computer books and health materials
  • Obsolescence - Books about topics and people that are no longer relevant or accurate
  • Superseded content or editions
  • Availability of information in other formats that may better serve the same purpose
  • Amount of similar material available in collection.
  • Incomplete with discs or parts missing.
Complaints and Feedback

Materials purchased for library collections are openly available through bookshops and other suppliers. The South Australian Public Library Network and Gawler Public library acquires materials following the guidelines set down by the Office of Film and Literature Classification and Supports the Australian Library and Information Association’s Statement on the Freedom to Read.

Further information can be found from the Statement on Free Access to Information, 2001

We welcome feedback from library customers regarding items in the collection.  Where possible all requests for review of an item within the collection will be submitted in writing using the Request for review of library materials form. All requests will be evaluated by the Collection Management team.

While we respect customers’ views on the suitability of materials in the collection, we also recognise the broad spectrum of public opinion, and seek to provide a collection which informs the community about a range of areas, and represents the diverse views in our community. If the original decision to purchase the item still meets the selection criteria, the title in question will remain on the shelves. If the criticism has merit, the title will be reassigned to another collection, location or withdrawn. All written complaints will be responded to in writing. Decisions regarding items in the collection rest with the Manager, Library & Community Services.

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