Basic Requirements for Plans

Providing Council with clear and accurate information will help to avoid delays with the assessment of your application. Unless otherwise advised by Council staff, the following information must be submitted with all development applications for minor residential structures (eg sheds, garages, verandahs, carports). Applications that do not contain this information will take longer to assess or may not be accepted for lodgement. It is recommended that you use the checklist below to ensure that all relevant information is provided. Please note that most building companies will provide you with a site plan, elevation drawings and building specifications when you order the structure.

□   Fully completed Development Application Form – form is available at Council offices or can be downloaded here.

□   Payment of Development Application Fees – fees will be advised when lodging your application. Please contact Council if you wish to know which fees will apply beforehand.

□   Current Certificate of Title for the Subject Land (no older than 12 months old) - can be obtained here:

□   Site Plan – 3 copies, drawn to a scale of 1:100 or 1:200, showing the following information:

  • North point.
  • Boundaries and dimensions of the entire site as per the current Certificate of Title.
  • Location and dimensions of any easements on the land (the Certificate of Title will show whether any easements that apply to your land).
  • Location of proposed structure on the land.
  • Location and use of all existing buildings (i.e. dwelling, sheds).
  • Distance between the proposed structure and other structures on and, and distances to the site’s boundaries (if not built on boundary).
  • Location of any Significant or Regulated Trees on the site or adjoining land, which could potentially be affected by, or affect the works.

□    Elevation Drawings and Building Specifications – 3 copies, drawn to a scale of 1:100 or 1:200 (where applicable), showing the following information:

  • All elevations of the proposed structure (lengthways and widthways).
  • The dimensioned overall height of the proposed structure.
  • A sectional drawing of the structure showing in detail how the structure is fixed to the foundation (soil) and also how it is to be attached to other buildings in  more detail.
  • The materials, finishes and colours of the proposed structure.

Below are some examples of the information required for a minor residential structure:

SITE PLAN:                                                                                                                PLAN VIEW:

Site Plan    Plan View

ELEVATION:                                                                                                SECTIONAL DRAWING(S):

Elevation Sectional Drawings


Verandahs/Carports Fixed to Existing Roof Structure

Structures will require a completed Roof Framing Checklist with their application. The checklist is available here: Schedule 5 Roof Framing Checklist(33 kb)

Pitched Roof Pergolas 

Applications for pitch timber pergolas can be dealt with using the Timber Framing Code.  Steel framing pitched roof pergolas need to have an engineer’s calculations to test the steel member sizes and to also specify the connection details. Those plans which are received with no calculations will not be approved until calculations have been provided.


If you are constructing a building using standard building specifications (e.g. Olympic Garages, Stratco carports and verandahs), a copy of the specification related to the job should be attached to the applications. These ‘standard’ designs use specific connection and footing details which need to be adhered to during construction.

For ‘non-standard’ designs (i.e. using your own design), a Certificate of Structural Adequacy from a structural engineer will need to be provided with your application.

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