Building Near Powerlines

From January 2007 the Development Regulations were amended to incorporate the requirements of the Technical Regulator in relation to setback distances required from powerlines under the Electricity Act.  This requirement applies for all development applications in which development is proposed within proximity to a powerline, whatever the type and voltage of powerline, and whether it is above-ground or underground.

The Regulations require applicants to confirm - via a written declaration made when lodging a development application - that a proposed building will be located a sufficient setback from existing powerlines. 

In cases where no such declaration is made (i.e. when a proposal does not comply with the minimum setback distance) the application must be referred to the Office of the Technical Regulator for direction (referral fee applies).

Before signing the declaration form, you are strongly encouraged to visit this website page to confirm whether sufficient distance is provided from overhead powerlines:

If you have any further questions please contact the Office of the Technical Regulator on (08) 8226 5500.

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