Industrial/Commercial and Retail Development

The development of Industrial, Commercial and Retail premises within the Town of Gawler will require Development Approval from Council.  Development Approval is comprised of both Development Plan Consent (Planning Consent) and Building Rules Consent (Building Consent).  The application may be made for both consents together or separately.

Planning Consent

An application for planning consent is assessed against the Development Plan, which is the policy document to ensure development in Gawler occurs in an orderly manner.  The matters considered include:

- Ensuring appropriate activities are sited in suitable zones and localities

- Avoidance of impact on surrounding areas (ie noise, dust, traffic)

- Enhancing the appearance of localities

- Safe and convenient access

- Sufficient on-site carparking


A statement of further particulars is necessary where the proposal cannot be adequately described on the application forms and plans.  The statement should include:

- The specific use proposed, including the various activities to be carried out on the site

- A description of all processes, machines and activities to be used on the site

- The number of employees

- The days and hours of intended operation

- The various stages in which the development is to be finalized (if applicable)

- The area set aside for storage and waste disposal


Key elements that need to be included on the plans and drawings submitted to Council include:

 - Carparking spaces for both employees and visitors including the method of delineation and surfacing;

  • - A detailed landscaping schedule showing location, height and species of trees and shrubs that must have a minimum dimension totalling 10% of the total site area;
  • - The type, height and construction material of all boundary and internal fencing;
  • - The location of the proposed drainage system on the property; and
  • - Details of any signage that will be required should include elevations of the height and dimension of the frame and surface area of the sign, materials to be used including colour and the message to be depicted including the lettering size, any illumination and a location plan.

Building Consent

The application for building consent is assessed against the technical requirements of the Building Code of Australia and other relevant standards to ensure compliance with the Building Code of Australia (the structural safety, health and fire protection of the premises).

Any application for a commercial or industrial development should include the following information.  If you have limited design and construction knowledge it is advised that you use an architect of draftsperson to prepare this documentation.


Site Plan (3 copies please) showing:

  • Allotment identifications, boundaries, dimensions, easements, roads;
  • Positions and dimensions of existing and proposed building(s), structures, driveways, fencing, trees and the trees trunk circumference at 1m above the ground, retaining walls all positioned relative to the site boundaries;
  • Distance between the proposed building work and other buildings on the site relative to the property boundaries;
  • Carpark allocation and dimensions;
  • Landscape details and planting schedule;
  • The intended use of the proposed building or structure, and any existing uses present on the site;
  • Method and direction of disposal of roof and stormwater runoff
  • North point; and
  • Location of Hydrants, Booster pumps and fire plugs.


Elevations (3 copies please)

An elevation drawing of all four sides of the proposed building(s).  The drawings must show the height and dimensions of the proposed structure, as well as material details and colours.

The elevation for an addition to an existing building must show the combined appearance.

Site level differences from the boundaries of the site relative to the structure.


Floor Plans (3 copies please)

A floor plan of the proposed buildings and structures showing dimensions, intended use of rooms, existing floor area with access and amenities for disabled.

Directional illuminated signage, exits and PA doors


Technical Drawings and Reports (3 copies please) showing:

Footing layouts with engineer's recommendations and supporting calculations.

Structural layouts with details of connection methods

Concrete panel detail and location.

Building rules requirement for Essential Fire Safety Provisions.

Electrical and plumbing details for other authorities.


Specifications (3 copies please)

The building specification for the materials and workmanship required by the Building Codes to ensure compliance with the Development Act and Regulations 1993.

Schedule of materials, finishes, plant and equipment details.


Calculations (3 copies please)

Footing report with engineers' recommendations and supporting structural computations are required to comply with the Development Act and Regulations.


CITB Levy (required for all work over $15,000)

The application for building consent is assessed against the technical requirements of the Building Code of Australia and other relevant standards to ensure compliance with the Building Code of Australia (the structural safety, health and fire protection of the premises).

Public Notification

Public notification is a process Council is required to undertake in some circumstances which involves notifying owners and occupiers of adjacent land, any other person that would be directly affected to a significant degree by the development and in some instances the general public by placing an advertisement of the proposal in "The Bunyip".

Any persons may then examine the application and make comment (representations) in respect to the proposal, within a 10 business day period.  All representations will be forwarded to the applicant who may respond in writing to any matters raised.

If one or more representations are received and the issues raised can not be resolved, the application must be assessed by Council's Development Assessment Panel.

Referrals to Government Agencies

Council is required to consult with the necessary government agencies in certain situations, such as when it is located in a Historic Conservation Zone, when it would change the nature of an access to an Arterial Road, or where it has an environmental impact and is listed under Schedule 21 or 22 of the Development Regulations 1993.

Processing Times

Assessment times can vary greatly depending on several factors, including whether the application requires referral to a Government Agency, public notification, or assessment by Council's Development Assessment Panel.  It is also dependant on whether all information is provided when the application is lodged.

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