Given the unseasonably wet spring/summer weather conditions we have had a significant outbreak of noxious weeds particularly Caltrop, which produce woody burrs with sharp and rigid spines. These burrs cause injury in urban and recreational areas. Caltrop is an extensive seeding noxious weed, each plant can produce 20,000 seeds over a season and the seeds can remain dormant in the soil for up to 5 years.

The Council has been taking extensive steps to minimise the spread through all of the following steps:-

  1. Doubling the annual urban and rural target noxious weed spray program, from 3 monthly visitation runs of public open space to monthly visitation.
  2. Targeted hand spraying
  3. Targeted hand weeding in urban verges, laneways and road shoulders.

Assistance form the community is requested to also assist. If Caltrop is seen in private or public spaces to remove and place in general waste bin only to prevent further spread.

Recommended further information on Caltrop, origins, impacts control techniques to assist the community can be found at:-



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