Southern Gateway Entrance Statement

Southern Gateway Entrance Statement

The Town of Gawler has recently appointed renowned Adelaide artist Greg Johns to construct his sculptural work “Land Lines” at the southern entrance of Gawler to appropriately address the historical significance, economic development, rural aesthetic and future vision of the Gawler Township.

The importance of the artwork is to enrich many of the quintessential qualities of Gawler which are defined through the unique nature of its topography, panoramic views and pastoral land uses that separate the town physically and culturally from the northern suburbs of Adelaide.

The project is two sculptures located on either side of Main North Road between Tiver Road and the Gawler Bypass. Each sculpture consists of twenty-five elements made of weathering steel to reflect the colours of the Australian inland. During installation the elements will be positioned along a wavering landscaped mound that stretches out over one hundred metres which will create a visual illusion that the sculptures move when you drive past.

Fabrication of the steel forms has started and preparation of the installation site will commence shortly. The project is scheduled for completion in mid-2017.


Southern Gateway visual


Community Information – Tree Removal

The artistic intent of the Southern Entrance Gateway Statement is for passing traffic to initially view the sculpture elements as a solid compressed object that later breaks up to reveal its landscape. To achieve this artistic intent, a section of trees and vegetation will be cleared on either side of Main North Road allowing the sculptures to be installed. The sculptures have been positioned to increase visibility to road users whilst minimising the impact to the environment.

The eastern sculpture will be located as far south as practicable from the two Regulated Substantial Sugar Gums (Eucalyptus leucoxylon) adjacent to the Greening Drive bend and a Tree Protection Zone will be established during the construction phase to safeguard the health of these trees. The trees that have been identified for clearing at the eastern sculpture site are largely made up of Mallee species and recognized weeds. Approximately thirty non-regulated and non-significant introduced native trees are scheduled for removal in this area.

The trees that have been identified for clearing at the western sculpture site are made up of various introduced natives from South Australia and Western Australia. These trees appear to be planted around the same time for the purpose of a wood lot or wind break adjacent the cropping paddock. Approximately two hundred and forty non-regulated and non-significant introduced native trees are scheduled for removal in this area.

Once the sculptures have been installed, they will be surrounded by a planting of native grasses to recreate an area of the Gawler Plains Profile. Furthermore, it is important to note that sites adjacent the Southern Gateway Entrance Statement include new tree plantings that fully offset the currently programmed tree removals.

The trees highlighted in yellow below are due for removal mid-April 2017.

tree removal map


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