RDA Barossa - Career Service and B2B Services

About RDA
What is Regional Development Australia Barossa? they are a regionally based, not for profit organisation that supports regional economic development and jobs growth.

In collaboration with industry, community and governments they seek to facilitate regional economic development and jobs growth. They offer assistance for business investment, advocacy and business case development for regional infrastructure, career development and skills training access.

RDA offer:

  • Investment Attraction and Regional Information

  • Industry Development and Investor assistance

  • Access to business services and growth strategies

  • Career development and human resource planning

  • Skills training access

  • Workforce planning and development

  • Advocacy and business case development for regional infrastructure and investment

  • Community consultation and facilitation

Regional Development Australia Barossa (RDAB) is a partnership between the Australian, South Australian and local government (Town of Gawler, District Council of Mallala, The Barossa Council and Light Regional Council) to develop and strengthen the Barossa regional community. These three levels of government have invested in RDAB to deliver economic development services in the Barossa region. To find out more about Regional Development Australia Barossa click HERE

RDA Barossa has developed a Business-To-Business Program connecting people, businesses, opportunities and specialist knowledge. To find our more about this program click HERE

The Barossa Career Service (BCS) aims to help people enhance their career opportunities by providing assistance (usually at no cost to the individual) with the job selection process, career planning and training. To find out more about this service click HERE


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89 Murray Street, Gawler SA 5118
Tel: 08 8522 9211