GRFMA Scheme

Gawler River Flood Mitigation Scheme

The GRFMA has been established to implement a flood mitigation scheme (The Scheme) that was developed and sponsored by the Northern Adelaide Barossa Catchment Water Management Board to be jointly funded by the 3 spheres of Government. This has been prepared as a Government and community response to the periodical flooding that occurs to the Gawler River, the last major flood event was in 1992, with a further flood in November 2005.

The GRFMA Business Plan 2008 - 2012 noted that the approved funding for the Scheme works is $20,000,000 and that all of the scoped works to complete all parts of the Scheme will exceed the approved amount of funding.Therefore until such time as additional funding is approved works will need to be prioritised with the highest priority being given to works to mitigate peak flows. Works have therefore been prioritised as:

Priority One Works:

  • The construction of a Flood Mitigation Dam on the North Para River near Gawler. (Completed December 2007)
  • The raising of the dam wall of the South Para Reservoir by up to 156 centimetres and modifications to the dam spillway to provide a flood attenuation capability to the dam - this work will be undertaken by SA Water (Completed in 2012).
  • Completion of the Mapping Project to identify the impact of the March 2007 estimates and to identify strategies to mitigate the impact of flooding. (Stage One completed February 2008)

Priority Two Works

  • To undertake works identified on a cost benefit basis that will mitigate the impact of flooding identified by the Mapping Project.

A 16 page booklet that describes the Gawler River Flood Mitigation Scheme that was prepared in July 2003, and further information publications, can be downloaded from this page.

The GRFMA has appointed a Technical Assessment Panel to advise the Board on technical matters that includes delegations to manage the delivery of components of the Scheme as appropriate. The members of the Panel are:

Mr Ian Baldwin, GRFMA Chair
Dean Gollan, Executive Officer, GRFMA
Bill Lipp, Principal Stormwater Engineer, Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure
Mr Derek Moore, Principal Engineer, Dams, SA Water
Chrissie Bloss, Leader Flood Management, DEWNR

Bruce Eastick North Para Flood Mitigation Dam


South Para Reservoir Modification


Lower Gawler River Works


Mapping Project

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