GRFMA Open Space Strategy Documents

With a grant of $200,000 from the Adelaide Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board an Open Space Strategy is being prepared for the Gawler River from the confluence of the river to the outfall to the sea.

Consultants, Urban Regional Planning Services supported by Swanbury Penglase, Landscape Architects and Australian Water Environments, engineers of the proposed Lower Gawler River works, have been engaged to undertake the assessments, design and strategy.

The Board appointed the GRFMA Lower Gawler River Open Space Strategy Reference Group with membership drawn from the Councils, AMLRNRM Board, landowner George Girgolas, and the Urban Forest Biodiversity Program, with observers attending from Planning SA.

The project is being undertaken in accordance with the following five stages:

1. Background research. This will involve a detailed and critical review of existing strategies and documents together with consideration of land ownership boundaries, State and Local Government roles and responsibilities and relevant legislation.

2. Site Analysis. This stage will build on the work currently being prepared by Australian Water Environments and will involve the analysis and mapping of the environmental, recreational, amenity and heritage values of the Gawler River. An Issues Paper will be prepared which will contain preliminary directions for the management of open space along the Gawler River.

3. Preliminary Consultation. The consultation phase will include individual discussions with Councils and Government Departments as well as a workshop with existing and potential recreational user groups.

4. Draft Open Space Strategy Plan. The Open Space Strategy will provide a framework which coordinates the actions of the various Councils and Government Departments while recommending strategies and actions to address environmental and recreational issues.

5. Additional Consultation. The Draft Open Space Strategy will be made available for public comment while also providing an opportunity for each Council and Government Agency to review the document. A formal 6 week

The project has now been completed. The following reports can be downloaded from this page:

Gawler River Open Space Strategy - Issues Paper – URPS November 2008 - GRFMA OSS Issues Paper Final 20081121(607 kb)

Gawler River Open Space Strategy - Swanbury Penglase and URPS - May 2009 - GRFMA Gawler River Open Space Strategy 20090515(2602 kb)

Lower Gawler River Flood Mitigation - Detailed Design Part 2 - AWE November 2008 - GRFMA LGR Flood Mitigation Design Part 2 20081128 v2(15614 kb)

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