GRFMA South Para Reservoir Modification

To further improve protection of the population at Gawler and the downstream floodplain, mitigation works were necessary at South Para Dam.

SA Water was approached by the GRFMA in September 2001, to discuss the implementation of flood mitigation works at the South Para Dam as part of their overall flood mitigation strategies.

Undertaking the flood mitigation works concurrently with a proposed dam safety upgrade was seen as the most economical solution to achieve compliance with ANCOLD guidelines, whilst providing considerable additional benefit to the community. The flood mitigation work involves modifying the existing spillway crest by raising it with 1.57 m. A 10m central slot remained at the original full supply level to provide a 1 in 100 year flood event flood retention capacity. The height of the dam embankment crest was raised 2 m by adding 1 m of additional fill and installing a concrete parapet wall on top to accommodate the resultant increased flood level.

Since that time SA Water has been working with the GRFMA for the joint development of the South Para Reservoir to improve flood mitigation on the Gawler and South Para rivers, and dam safety improvements for the reservoir itself.

Detailed design work was completed in September 2010 and the total project costed at $8.218 million excluding GST. The GRFMA portion of the project cost is $4,382 million.

A contract was awarded for the construction of the works on 12 July 2011. Practical completion was achieved on 25 June 2012. There were no variations in the project! A credit to the Project Manager, SA Water and the contractor.

GRFMA South Para Dam Using Risk Assessment(184 kb)

GRFMA South Para Reservoir Modifications 2005(56 kb)


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