Strategic Directions Report (Planning)

At its meeting on 25 January 2011, Council resolved to prepare a Strategic Directions Report, pursuant to the requirements of Section 30 of the Development Act 1993.

Section 30 of the Development Act 1993 requires councils to regularly review their Development Plans to determine how the State Government’s Planning Strategy can be implemented in their area. It also enables councils to identify areas for improvement in the Development Plan, whether it is through the introduction of new policy or simply by making it more legible and user friendly.

The Town of Gawler has undertaken a review of the planning and development policies contained within Council’s Development Plan to ensure they are consistent with the South Australian Planning Strategy, Council’s Strategic Plan and community aspirations.

This process has resulted in the preparation of a Strategic Directions Report. This report outlines a strategic vision for growth in the Council area by means of a program of Development Plan Amendments (DPAs).  DPA’s are a statutory process that translates Council’s strategic vision into Development Plan policy, which is then used by Council to assess development applications.

Strategic Directions Report 2013 - 2017 - Final(4032 kb)

Town of Gawler Draft Strategic Directions Report(1745 kb)

Strategic Directions Discussion Paper

On June 6 2012, Council released the Strategic Directions Discussion Paper to inform the community about the Section 30 process, generate discussion within the community and invite submissions over a 4 week period (6 June 2012 – 6 July 2012) on how the district could be developed in order to achieve the aims, objectives and targets identified in both the State Planning Strategy (30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide) and the Town of Gawler Strategic Plan 2010 – 2018.

Although the preparation of a discussion paper, before the development of a draft Strategic Directions Report is not statutorily required under the Development Act 1993, Council considered this to be best practice. 

This level of community engagement was designed to ensure the Council would be well informed of community aspirations and could fulfil their role as a representative and decision-maker for the community, pursuant to the Section 59 (b) of the Local Government Act 1999.

This discussion paper provided detailed information on the community engagement/consultation strategy and the decision-making process as well as an indicative timeline.

In response to this Strategic Directions Discussion Paper Council received 19 submissions from the community with the quality of submissions and the range of issues varying considerably. 

Town of Gawler Strategic Directions Discussion Paper(263 kb)

Community Workshops

Following the release of the Town of Gawler Strategic Direction Discussion Paper, it was considered necessary to facilitate an additional phase of community engagement to consult the community via a more direct form of engagement before the release of a draft Strategic Directions Report.

This involved a series of targeted workshops in September 2012 on key themes raised by the community in their submissions, such as Rural Areas, Heritage, Town Centre/Retail and Residential Areas.

85 people attended the four workshops offering views on how the Council district should be managed into the future. Discussion at these sessions was well balanced with everyone encouraged and provided with an opportunity to speak. 

Summary of Strategic Directions Community Consultation Workshops and Feedback Form(236 kb)

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