Gawler Community Plan 2014-2024 - page 10

Gawler is located42 kilometres northof
Adelaideat theedgeof themetropolitan
areaand identifies itself as a separate
township fromAdelaide, actingas a key
regional centre for communities to the
northof Adelaide. It covers41 square
kilometres and includes theareasof
Evanston, EvanstonGardens, Evanston
Park, EvanstonSouth, Gawler, Gawler
East, Gawler South, GawlerWest, Hillier,
Kudla, Reid, Uleybury (part) andWillaston.
Thepopulationof Gawler as recorded in
the2011AustralianBureauof Statistics
Census (ABS) increased from17,800 in
2001 to20,536personswhich represent
anAnnual AverageGrowthRateof 1.3
per cent for this10 year period. This
increase inpopulation isgreater than the
SouthAustralianaverage, but slightly
lower than thenational average for
It is alsoworthnoting that over 4,000
people liveonCouncil’s immediate
boundaries (Hewett, Buchfeldeand
Gawler Belt) that formpart of theGawler
township, however these residents and
businesses reside in theLight Regional
Council. Thegrowingdevelopments
of ConcordiaandKalbeeba, also form
part of the townshipof Gawler, but are
withinTheBarossaCouncil boundary.
Theseareas forma significant part of the
Gawler community andoftendrawon the
services andamenity fromGawler.
TheSouthAustralianGovernment predicts
Gawler’spopulationwill reach32858
personsby 2026. This implies anAnnual
AverageGrowthRateof around3.28per
cent. However, eventsover recent years
suggest growthwill be significantly slower.
Possibledevelopments nearGawler
at Roseworthy andConcordiaarealso
factors very relevant toGawler’s future.
Gawler has a slightly greater number of
citizens agedbetween0-19andover 65
thanGreater Adelaide. Over twenty five
percent (25.6%) of Gawler’spopulation
is under 20, which is higher thanGreater
Adelaide (24.4%) but lower than that of
Australia (25.72%). Inaddition, 44.4%
of Gawler’spopulation isover 45, which
is higher thanGreater Adelaide (41.2%)
andAustralia (39.33%). Gawler has a
lower proportionof citizens agedbetween
20-44 yearsoldat 30.1%, compared to
Greater Adelaideat 34.2%and35.0%
Gawler has a relatively highemployment
participation rate. Themajor industry
employer isRetail Trade (26%) followed
(16%), Education (11%), Cultural and
Recreational Services (3%), Personal and
Other Services (5%) andAccommodation,
Cafes andRestaurants (6%). A significant
percentageof Gawler citizenswork
outsideof thecouncil areaandmany
peopleworking inGawler liveoutside
thecouncil area. Since the last census
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,...28
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