Gawler Community Plan 2014-2024 - page 11

theAustralianArmy redeployedover
1,200 troops fromDarwin to thenearby
EdinburghBase. This has seena
significant increase inDefencepersonnel
living inGawler.
Regional Context
The30-Year Plan forGreater Adelaide
seeks to shift away fromgreenfield
development, withonly 30%of greenfield
development intended to support the
state’s expectedpopulationgrowthover
thenext threedecades. However the
Planhas highlighted that areas northof
Adelaideareproposed toaccommodate
a significant portionof the30%greenfield
residential development. This includes a
number of newgrowthareas i.e. Playford
North, Roseworthy andConcordia in in
neighbouringcouncil areas.
The roleGawler plays as a regional centre
servicingcommunities northof Adelaide
iswidely acknowledged, with the town
currently servicingacatchment of 90,000
people.Many of thesepeoplecome to
Gawler onadailybasis for employment,
education, healthcareanda range
of retail services. It is anticipated that
Gawlerwill continue toact as a regional
centre into the futureand this is amajor
consideration forGawler Council in terms
of servicedelivery and infrastructure
provision. This regional servicecentre
function is acknowledgedbyboth state
and federal governments through the
ongoingprovisionof appropriate levelsof
infrastructureand service support aswell
as throughCouncil havingaccess to key
regional fundingprograms
“Manyof these
peoplecome to
dailybasis for
arangeof retail
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