Gawler Community Plan 2014-2024 - page 19

1.1.1 Develop regional and local townplanningpolicies that ensureGawlermaintains a real senseof
distinction from its surroundingareas andcontinues to functionas a regional centre for theprovision
of services tocommunities in surroundingareas
1.1.2 Safeguard views and vistas to retainGawler’s township identity, open landscapecharacter and
senseof arrival intoGawler fromall directions through theprovisionof open space
1.1.3 Promote local government boundary realignments tomoreaccurately reflect the townshipof
Gawler’spopulationand reinforce its senseof acommunitywithcommon interests
1.2.1 Support the refurbishment and redevelopment of key civicbuildings andareaswithin thepublic
realm, creatingdestinations that appeal toall ages and serveachangingpopulation
1.2.2 Developattractiveandactive spaces tobetter integrateplacesof play, interaction, learning,
exerciseandcommunity events
1.2.3 Promote theconcept of local citizenship, toeducateandencourage residents andbusiness
ownerson the rights, responsibilities andobligationsof beingaGawler citizen
1.2.4 Encourageandpromoteour country-friendly community
1.2.5 Developareasof planted visual amenity that complementGawler’s country townappeal
1.3.1 Workwithall Aboriginal andTorresStrait Islanders topromote involvement inGawler andprovide
support to thewholecommunity indevelopment and implementationof aReconciliationPlanand
activities associatedwithNAIDOC (National AboriginesDayObservanceCommittee)Week
1.3.2 CelebrateGawler’s heritageandhistoric role inEuropean settlement through the installationof
publicart and interpretative signage
1.3.3 CommunicateGawler’s heritageandculture through signageandpublicart tomaintainandcreatea
distinctiveandunique senseof place
1.3.4 Encourage theadaptive reusewhereappropriateof heritagebuildings, tocontribute toeconomic
1.3.5 Further identify, conserveandenhanceGawler’s historiccharacter anduniquearchitecture
1.4.1 Developa vibrant townshipwhich is reinforcedby its historiccharacter and variety of readily
accessibleparks, shops, services, sports, events andentertainment
1.4.2 Promotepeople-orientedactivities at key townprecincts
1.4.3 Encourage theuseof land for cultural activities to stimulate revitalisationand social cohesion
1.4.4 Strengthen thepositionandpromotionofGawler asa regional centre
1.5.1 Developand implement anArts andCulturePlan forGawlerwhich includes funding for publicartwork
and support for local events
AUniquely IdentifiableTownship
1.1 Maintainaclearlydefined township, onewhich isdistinct fromneighbouringareas
1.2 Builda local community that isproudofGawler
1.3 Protect andpromoteGawler’suniquehistory
1.4 Createavibrant andactive, eventfilledcouncil area
1.5 Value the role theArtsplay inpromotingcommunityspirit andpride
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