Gawler Community Plan 2014-2024 - page 21

2.1.1 Aim for anadequate supply of well-locatedandaffordable industrial, commercial and residential land
2.1.2 Provideclear strategicdirection in response to transport and trafficmanagementmeasures innew
growthareas andensure integrationwithexistingareas
2.1.3 Support the timelyprovisionof community facilities and services tomeet community expectations
2.1.4 Develop landusepolicies for EvanstonSouth, Hillier andKudla tobuildattractive, accessible,
integratedand resident-friendly areas, supportinga rangeof housing, lifestyles, recreationand
rural opportunities
2.1.5 Ensureall council owned infrastructure ismanagedandmaintained ina sustainablemanner and toa
quality thecommunity canafford
2.3.1 Provideurbandesign standards andguidelines toensurenewdevelopment reinforces local character
2.3.2 Avoid landuseconflict betweencompetingactivitieswhileencouraginghigher densitydevelopment in
appropriatepartsof transit corridors
2.3.3 Encourage infill and redevelopment opportunities, includingmulti-storey,mixed-usedevelopments
inappropriate locations
2.3.4 Undertakea rural landuseand infrastructure investigation toprovideguidanceon thedevelopment of
landusepolicies for the rural area
2.4.1 Develop landusepolicies that support acompact anddiverseurban formwith integratedprivate
andpublic transport
2.4.2 Prepareand implement aStormwaterManagement Plan to identify floodmitigationmeasures and to
integrate stormwater harvestingand reusecapabilities inexistingandnewgrowthareas
2.6.1 Implement adigital-basedbusiness attractionand retention scheme
2.6.2 Promote theopportunities createdby theNational BroadbandNetwork andbroadband infrastructure
2.6.3 Investigateopportunities for tourismandcontinue to support investment in tourist accommodation
2.6.4 Engagewithbusiness topromoteGawler as a regional activity centre
2.6.5 Developpolicies toencouragebusiness tobetter utilise thepublic realm
2.6.6 Takeadvantageof stateand federal government initiatives that create local and regional jobs
2.6.7 PromoteGawler as a regional activity centreand thepreferredhome for professional serviceproviders
2.6.8 PromoteGawler as a regional centre for educationby supportingexisting serviceproviders and
encouragingadditional opportunities and facilities inGawler
2.6.9 Developand implement anEconomicDevelopment Strategy
2.1 Physical andsocial infrastructure tomatchpopulationgrowth
2.2.1 Refineplanningpolicies toprotectGawler’s heritageandcharacterwith flexibility toencourage
investment, buildingmaintenance, adaptive re-useandappropriate infill development.
2.2 Growth tobe respectful of cultural andbuilt heritage
2.3 Urbangrowth tobesustainablymanaged
2.4 The local environment tobe respected
2.6 Local economicactivity tocreate local jobopportunitiesandgenerate increased localwealth
2.5.1 Advocateandplan for theupgradingandextensionof rail infrastructure for improvedstandardsof service
2.5.2 Developan integrateddirectional signage strategy andother associated infrastructure to
encouragepeople to ridebikes
2.5.3 Designanddeveloppedestrian-friendly areas in key civicandnewgrowthareas
2.5.4 Developa safeand interconnectednetworkof cycle/walkingpaths to key everydaydestinations
suchas schools, workplaces, shops, sports and recreation facilities andcommunity services
2.5.5 Encourageproposals for the redevelopment of all train station precincts including theGawler
Central TrainStationand thenearby commercial precinct
2.5 Managegrowth through the real connectionof peopleandplaces
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