Gawler Community Plan 2014-2024 - page 23

3.1.1 Lobby all spheresof government and theprivate sector for improvedhealthcare facilities andassociated
services, including services formental health, thedisadvantaged, agedcareandpeoplewithdisabilities
3.1.2 Encouragehealthy lifestyles andcommunitywellbeing through thedevelopment and implementation
of regional or local recreational and regional healthplans
3.2.1 Prepareaneeds analysis and regional sportinghubs feasibility study toensure sport and recreation
facilities areappropriate
3.2.2 Liaisewithall spheresof government, sportingbodies and theprivate sector tooptimisecommunity
useandenhance regional opportunities for sports and recreation
3.2.3 Encouragenew visitor accommodation inGawler toassist inattracting larger events
3.2.4 Investigate thepotential for elite-level sports, entertainment andeventsprecinct/facilities
3.3.1 Ensureanequitable rangeof usableopen spaceand recreation facilities topromoteGawler as a
destination for leisureand recreational tourism
3.3.2 Undertakea reviewof Council landholdings todeterminepotential futureuse
3.3.3 Monitor the region’sgrowthand respondwithopen spaceprovision toensure thecommunity has
access toappropriateopen space
3.4.1 Developandpromotechild, youthand family-friendly areas andhubs
3.4.2 Ensureneighbourhoods and residential developments haveareas for play and leisureandare safe,
healthy, pleasant, convenient, efficient andadequately serviced
3.4.3 Encourageactiveparticipationandopportunities for education for all ages
3.4.4 Provideongoing support for library services
3.5.1 Foster partnershipswith volunteers and volunteer groups
3.5.2 Support volunteeringopportunities tomeet community need
3.5.3 Recogniseand support theeducational rolecommunity organisationsprovideor canprovide in
3.1 Healthandsocialwellbeingservices inGawler tomeetgrowing regional communityneeds
3.2 Sporting facilities tomeet local and regional communityneeds
3.3 Provisionof sufficient structuredand informal recreation facilities
3.4 Gawler tobe recognised internationallyasachildandyouth friendlycommunity
3.5 Recognise, respect, support andadvocateonbehalf of volunteers
3.6.1 Support theestablishment of acentrally located,multi-purposearts andculture facilityproviding space
for bothadedicatedartsgallery andartist studios
3.6.2 Investigate theestablishment of a regional artsgallery in theTownHall and Institutebuildingwith the
capability of attractingandholding touringand local exhibitions
3.6 Encourage thedevelopmentof theArts
3.7.1 Provideahealthy and safecommunity throughcollaborativeplanning, advocacy andcompliance
3.7.2 Developan integratedapproach to riskmanagement andapply abest practiceapproach tomanaging
risk in thecommunityby endeavouring toprovidea safeenvironment
3.7.3 Developand implement anEmergencyManagement PlanandRiskManagement Framework toensure
thecommunity iswell preparedandable to respond todisasters
3.7.4 Endeavour toprovidea safeandhealthybuilt environment through theprovisionof qualitydevelopmental
services - planning, building, advocacy andcompliance
3.7 Createasafecommunityenvironment
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