Gawler Community Plan 2014-2024 - page 25

4.1.1 Exploreopportunities toexpandGawler’sopen spaceprovisions alongeachof the three rivers corridors
4.1.2 Manageopen spacealong the three rivers corridors toprovide improveduseandgreater visual appeal
4.1.3 Ensure theprotectionandenhancement of the three rivers corridors through the implementationof the
Gawler UrbanRiversMaster Plan
4.2.1 Plan for a sustainableurban form to reduce thecommunity’s ecological footprint
4.2.2 Developadaptationandmitigation strategies for Council and thecommunity toeffectively respond
to the impactsof climatechange
4.2.3 Developand implement policies targetedat reducing thenumber of unsightlypropertieswithcitizens
encouraged tobeautify and revitalise their properties
4.2.4 Limit urban sprawl, reducecar dependency and improveenergy efficiencies andwater conservation
including the facilitationof higher residential densities along transport corridors
4.3.1 Ensurenative flora, faunaandecosystems areprotectedand restored through the retention
and rehabilitationof environmentally significant areasof native vegetation
4.3.2 Developmanagement plans for council-managed landand reserveareas including settingaside
specificareasof open space for conservationpurposes
4.3.3 Implement Council’sAnimal Management Plan toeffectivelydeal withpest birds andencourage
responsibledogandcat ownership inorder to reducenuisance, social andenvironmental harm
4.1 Createandmaintaina riverineenvironment that reflects thesocial, cultural and landscape
valuesof the rivercorridor
4.2 Supportdevelopment that respects theenvironment andconsiders the impactsof climatechange
4.3 Protectionof environmentallysignificant areasof nativevegetation forpresent and futuregenerations
4.4.1 Developwater-sensitiveurbandesign requirements for thedesign, functionandmaintenance
of open spaces
4.4.2 The retention, protectionand restorationof natural resourcesby ensuringdevelopment
minimises energy consumptionandwater usage
4.4.3 Implement thewastemanagement hierarchy – avoid, reduce, reuse, recycle, recover, treat anddispose
4.4 Support sustainableuseof natural resourcesandminimise furtherwaste to landfill
4.5.1 Establisha systematic identification, surveyingandmonitoringprogramwithin thecouncil area
for theprotectionandenhancement of habitats and toguide future revegetation initiatives
4.5.2 Finaliseand implement a street andpublic reserve treeplantingprogram to reinforce
4.5.3 Incorporate indigenousplant species in surrounding landscapes to improvebiodiversity and
createhabitat corridors
4.5.4 Develop strategies tomanage theenjoyment andappreciationof areasof council land set aside for
habitat andbiodiversity conversation
4.5 Support theprovisionof useableopenspace thatpreserveshabitat andbiodiversity
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