Gawler Community Plan 2014-2024 - page 27

5.1.1 Work collaborativelywithall sectorsof thecommunity toencourageand support teamwork
5.1.2 Value, support andadvocateonbehalf of community groups, organisations and volunteers
5.1.3 Encourageand facilitateopportunities for community interaction, connectionandcollaboration
5.1.4 Foster leadershipopportunities that support anddeveloppassionateand skilledcitizens and
community leaders
5.1.5 Support theestablishment of scholarships andmentoringprogrammes to support young
future leaders
5.1 Support andencouragecommunity teamwork
5.2.1 Provide transparent, accountableand informeddecision-making toassist inensuringeffectiveand
efficient outcomes for thecommunity
5.2.2 Providequality support services toElectedMembers to facilitateeffectiveand informed
5.2.3 Beanemployer of choice, focusingonattractingand retainingquality staff including the
development of career paths for school leavers
5.2.4 Implement andmonitor health, safety and injurymanagement services toachievecontinual
improvement andprovidea safework environment for all workers and volunteers
5.2.5 Maintainand implement prudent financial policies andpractices toensure long term financial
sustainability, including theprovisionof quality account keeping services
5.2.6 Maintainand regularly reviewanequitableproperty rating regime, fees andcharges for
council services
5.2.7 Providecontemporary information technology softwareandhardwareand infrastructure for
council administration
5.2.8 Undertakeaprogramof ongoing improvement toensurecommunity needs andaspirationare
beingachievedat a level thecommunity canafford
5.2.9 Manageandmaintaina secure, accurateandcomplete recordsmanagement system that
meets legislativeandcouncil requirements
5.2 Be recognisedasa ‘bestpractice’ local governmentorganisation
5.3.1 Represent andpromote theneeds, interests andaspirationsof thecommunity
5.3.2 PositionCouncil as a regional centre for excellence in local government
5.3.3 DevelopGawler as an internationally recognisedandaccredited ‘smart’ community
5.3.4 Developand implement strategies toencourageandempower thecommunity toparticipate in
consultationactivities aspart of strategicdecisionmaking for the futureof Gawler
5.3.5 Maintaineffectivecommunity and staff suggestion/feedback strategies andprocesses
5.3 Deliverongoingeffectiveandefficient services, includingsupport for regional collaboration
5.4.1 Identify areasof community expertise, experience, capacity and interest toassist in thedelivery
of thisCommunityPlan
5.4 Createandsupport communitypartnerships that contribute to the implementationof thisPlan
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