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Town of Gawler Annual Report 2012/13
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The NAWMA Board has been at its full complement during the reporting period with two of the
representatives from Playford being independent members. This is a new initiative and it provides a
differing set of dynamics compared to the previous Board composition.
Elections were held in January for the positions of Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson. I was
re-elected for a two-year period and I thank Board members for their support. Mr Sam Green was
elected Deputy Chairperson while Cr Paul Koch was elected to the position of Balefill Management
Consultative Committee Chairperson.
NAWMA is committed to a process of continuous improvement in its practices and procedures as a
leader in the resource and waste management industry. This includes planning for the future with our
growing population base, exploring emerging waste management technologies, addressing contract
management issues, and staffing challenges.
It was very satisfying in March to see the official opening of the Resource Recovery Centre after a
lengthy planning process. Detailed planning is underway to secure necessary approvals to begin
construction of the third leachate pond at the Uleybury landfill.
In August 2013, I attended, with the Manager Operations, the Waste Management Association of
Australia’s 5th Australian Landfill and Transfer Stations Conference and Expo in Queensland.
The conference is held bi-annually in cooperation with the International Solid
Waste Association. A wide range of conference papers were presented over the
four - day program by Australian and overseas delegates with keynote speakers
from the United Kingdom and Portugal. Based on the presentations made at the
conference, it is clear that NAWMA’s operations continue to be at the cutting edge
of waste management best practice in Australia and, indeed, the world.
NAWMA’s financial and operational performance over the reporting period was
sound with a number of achievements that are highlighted in this Annual Report.
From a governance perspective, the NAWMA Board is fully conversant with its
responsibilities. Development and detailed review of strategies and policies is
on-going as a requirement of Local Government Regional Subsidiaries.
Councillor Brian Goodall
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