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Town of Gawler Annual Report 2012/13
Page 124
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NAWMA is experiencing an increase in activity levels associated with its resource and waste
management operations. This is demonstrated in the Authority’s operating budget, which has
increased over the past five years from $17.5 million to $23 million.
The audited financial accounts indicate an operating surplus of $2.548 million in 2012-13 compared
with $766,000 in the previous year. This is primarily the result of a review undertaken by the Authority
of all estimated capping costs for Stages 1 and 2 at the Uleybury landfill.
The Authority was an active financial participant in a trial of the ‘phytocap’ design. This was a prudent
investment with capping costs for Stages 1 and 2 considerably reduced. This reduction is a non-cash
transaction and $1.762 million has been reflected in Other Income in the Financial Statements.
Overall, the Authority is in a sound financial position. The budgets for member Councils have been
well managed with each under cost forecasts for the reporting period.
There was a significant reduction in revenue due to the market price for recycled paper and cardboard
not reaching expectations. However, this was compensated by an increase in commercial and
industrial waste tonnages, which were 30 per cent above forecast levels.
NAWMA was one of the first signatories in South Australia for the National Television
and Computer Recycling Scheme. This has had a two-fold effect. On the one
hand, there are reduced costs for transport and disposal of E-waste. However, as
a collection point for this material, there is a notable increase in customer service
requirements and materials handling on-site.
To further assist residents in sourcing the correct information on waste
management services in their Council area, a My-Waste App has been
introduced. This details all services in their location.
The commissioning of the Resource Recovery Centre in November 2012 allowed
the public to access a safe and strategically designed facility to assist in all waste
disposal requirements.
The Edinburgh North site is now a fully integrated waste management facility housing NAWMA’s waste
processing and resource recovery activities. It caters for the general public, member Councils and
commercial customers, and is designed to manage future growth in waste management services as a
valuable asset for the region.
Brian King
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