Gawler 2012-13 Annual Report - page 125

Town of Gawler Annual Report 2012/13
Page 125
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Baling Operation
Waste tonnages received in the reporting
period exceeded the previous year by almost
2,000 tonnes. This was due to an increase in
commercial and industrial tonnages.
Of the 74,598 tonnes, 6,000 tonnes was
diverted to Sita Resource Co for processing into
a fuel source for Adelaide Brighton Cement. The
material diverted is generally bulky waste that is
difficult to bale.
With the recent 12 per cent increase to the
State Waste Levy, it is in NAWMA’s interests to
divert an increased percentage of material from
landfill as this is where the levy is applied.
The baling plant is being well utilised. Apart
from baling waste, it is used on weekends for
cardboard and rigid plastic from the Resource
Recovery Centre.
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