Gawler 2012-13 Annual Report - page 126

Town of Gawler Annual Report 2012/13
Page 126
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Material Recovery Facility (MRF)
A total of 20,489 tonnes of recyclables were
received from NAWMA’s Member Councils, with
an additional 7,520 tonnes sourced from client
or rural Councils.
During the reporting period, around 14,800
tonnes of mixed paper product was either
exported or forwarded to Visy’s mills for
processing. This represented value to NAWMA
in excess of $227,000. In comparison to the
previous reporting period, the financial return
was down by 50 per cent reflecting the volatile
nature of the marketplace for paper product.
An on-going issue for the MRF is the receipt of
plastic bags, wrapping or shrink wrap (flexible
wrap). In a loose form, this material is difficult to
Recently in Melbourne, there was a trial in
which coloured bags were issued to residents
to contain flexible plastics prior to placement in
their recycling bins. The trial demonstrated a
reasonable degree of success.
The results are being evaluated by NAWMA with
a view to conducting a similar trial in the region.
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