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Town of Gawler Annual Report 2012/13
Page 127
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The 1800 free call service is designed to
provide ratepayers with no-cost access to
information about waste collection services.
It was used 45,788 times in the reporting
period representing a 12 per cent increase
on the previous year.
This increase in calls occurred primarily from
February to May. It was generated mainly from
an audit carried out on the Playford Council
user-pays garden organics collection service.
This service is reported upon in more detail
elsewhere in the report.
Over the financial year, the administration and
customer service calls averaged 176 each week
day. The cost to maintain this service is around
$8,500 per annum, which is considered to be a
valued and worthwhile investment.
The majority of telephone contacts related to:
hard waste service and bookings (about 44
per cent);
purchase of Mobile Garbage Bins (MGBs) for
the garden organics collection service (4 per
information and bookings on educational
activities (10 per cent);
garden organics service payments from
Playford residents (15 per cent);
general enquiries (23.3 per cent) of which
most were about MGB matters; and
service complaints (3.7 per cent).
Complaints relating to the weekly kerbside waste
collection averaged 4.1 per day. Complaints
relating to recycling collection averaged 1.6 per
day, while fortnightly garden organics concerns
averaged less than one per day.
NAWMA’s services allow 34,000 bins to be
emptied daily from Monday to Friday.
Mobile Garbage Bins (MGBs)
NAWMA ensures that residents receive MGBs
in a timely manner with 7,379 requests actioned
during the reporting period. This included:
arrangements for the delivery of 3,710 waste
and recycling MGBs to new residents to the
2,604 replacements for stolen or damaged
bins; and
1,065 repairs carried out in the field.
In addition 2,226 MGBs were sold to
residents for use in the kerbside garden and
food organics collection service.
Waste Recycling Garden Organics
08-09 1,083 376
09-10 761
10-11 737
11-12 698
12-13 1,066 417
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