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Town of Gawler Annual Report 2012/13
Page 129
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There has been growing engagement with
schools and community groups at the
Environment Education Centre (EEC) and the
Uleybury landfill informative viewing platform.
As a result, there is wider awareness and
recognition of the importance of responsible
resource and waste management.
Over the reporting period, our roving
ambassador, Nawma, with assistance from staff
members, conducted a range of promotional
and educational activities including:
welcoming 1,297 children (76 groups) and
381 adult visitors from within the region to the
Authority’s EEC at Edinburgh North;
visiting schools and community groups
across the region. This involved 1,534
children and 694 adults in 60 sessions –
over double the number for the 2011-2012
presenting 19 sessions at the EEC for
interested groups from outside the region,
comprising 282 children and 201 adults.
In addition, six sessions were held in the
Barossa Valley for 104 children and 136
adults. In total, 155 sessions were held for
3,113 children and 1,276 adults; and
conducting shopping centre displays at
major retail centres in each Council.
Calendar Changes
The kerbside collection calendar was
redesigned with Playford and Salisbury showing
only the week of collection instead of the actual
day. This was necessary to assist in reducing
distribution problems. NAWMA has had to
contend with some quality control issues with
distributors of the calendars. However, new
measures are in place to overcome distribution
difficulties experienced in the past.
My-Waste App
To further assist residents, NAWMA introduced
the ‘my-waste’ mobile app. The app allows
mobile device users to download the full range
of information that is normally on the NAWMA
website or on the kerbside collection schedule.
Residents using the app no longer have to rely
on a printed schedule or go to their computers
for information on services. Instead, by
, Salisbury, Gawler,
and Playford residents can check details and
set reminders for every type of collection, find
out exactly what to do with any item, access
important local contacts and more.
This is a new way for NAWMA to connect with
residents on resource recovery and waste
diversion programs. We will also be able to
progressively update information on the App to
ensure it is always current.
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