Gawler 2012-13 Annual Report - page 130

Town of Gawler Annual Report 2012/13
Page 130
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Waste Management
Information Booklets
With the opening of the Resource Recovery
Centre and Salvage & Save shop, there was
a need to update the Waste Management
Booklets. With Gawler’s Waste Transfer Station
closing, booklets for that Council area were
updated and distributed first to each household.
Playford and Salisbury booklets have also been
updated to send to all new residents with their
calendars and garden organics brochures in
early 2014.
The NAWMA website is being constantly
refreshed. There is now a page dedicated to
the new Resource Recovery Centre and Salvage
& Save Shop, and information to make residents
aware of the new ‘my-waste’ app.
Resource Recovery CentreTours
Since the official opening of the new Resource
Recovery Centre and Salvage & Save shop in
March 2013, there have been educational tours
two senior citizen groups;
a Barossa TAFE group; and
a group of educators who also visited the
EEC and landfill.
Several Council groups and State Government
representatives have also visited the facility.
Annual expenditure on education has remained
at around $120,000. This is sourced primarily
from the collection contractor. A business
plan on education and promotional activities
is produced and reviewed annually to
evaluate programs and maximise awareness
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