Gawler 2012-13 Annual Report - page 132

Town of Gawler Annual Report 2012/13
Page 132
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The marked increase in Playford, where a user
pays system applies, resulted largely from an
audit to identify residents who had not renewed
or paid the annual fee.
As a result, a coloured sticker with an expiry
date will be issued to residents on payment
of the annual fee. To achieve such a high
participation level (18.8 per cent) for a user
pays collection service is unprecedented, and
it clearly reflects demand for the service among
Playford residents.
During the year, NAWMA and the Resource
Recovery Centre operator sold 2,226 240 litre
bins to residents for use in the kerbside garden
and food organics collection service. Nearly
200 of the bins were collected directly from
the Resource Recovery Centre, which is an
additional benefit of the new facility.
Each resident also receives a Jeffries food
organics basket. It is estimated that more than
10,000 food baskets have now been distributed
to residents.
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