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Town of Gawler Annual Report 2012/13
Page 134
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Across the region, E-waste collection decreased
by 19 per cent mainly due to the National
Product Stewardship Scheme coming on line in
South Australia in September 2012.
Resident’s can now access either Pooraka
Transfer Station or the Edinburgh North
Resource Recovery Centre free of charge to
dispose of E-waste. Many residents appear to
have opted for this choice rather than waiting
for a hard waste collection to dispose of their
Complaint Statistics
In response to each complaint, the NAWMA
operator ascertains and addresses the nature
of concern. Often callers are inquiring about
when the collection will be completed. Other
concerns relate to wrong material being put out
for collection or excess material that will not be
In Playford, the average number of complaints
was 3.1 per month, or 0.06 per week. In
Salisbury, the average level of complaints was
3.04 per month, which also translates to 0.06
per week.
With Playford collections averaging 704 per
month, and Salisbury at 328 per month, the
complaint level is considered to be relatively low.
Budget Performance
NAWMA is responsible for the management
of the contract for the collection service. This
includes total administration and promotion on
behalf of the member Councils.
In Salisbury, 97 per cent of the budget forecast
for collection and disposal of hard waste was
expended. However, this does not include the
cost impact of the voucher system on the waste
transfer station. In Playford, 92 per cent of the
budget forecast was spent.
Midway through the year, NAWMA commenced
with the E-waste Product Stewardship Program
therefore eliminating the cost for transport and
Hard waste collection is a difficult service to
administer and implement. However, residents
are becoming familiar with the system chosen
by member Councils. More than 12,000
households were serviced in the reporting period
with 1,096 tonnes of material, 2,595 mattresses
and 6,097 E-waste items collected. In that
period, service issues were minimal.
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