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Town of Gawler Annual Report 2012/13
Page 135
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Carbon Pricing Mechanism (CPM)
1. Audit of Kerbside Collected Municipal
Solid Waste Disposed to Landfill
NAWMA’s commitment to establishing an
accurate ‘carbon emissions profile’ for the
Uleybury landfill requires an understanding of the
waste mix. As Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
comprises up to 80 per cent of the waste
landfilled, a waste audit of a representative
sample of kerbside waste bins for each Council
was commissioned.
The last audit was carried out in March 2006
and these results were used for comparison
The key parameters determining the amount of
methane emissions are:
the fraction of degradable organic carbon in
each individual waste type;
the rate of decay assumed for each individual
waste type; and
the amount of methane captured for
Audit Results
The three waste types that have the higher
fraction of degradable organic carbon are:
paper and cardboard; and
green organics
The audit clearly showed these were the
predominant waste types in the MSW as follows:
food – 34.4 per cent;
paper and cardboard – 11.2 per cent; and
green organics – 11.6 per cent
It was found that 57.2 per cent of waste bin
contents could be recycled.
NAWMA’s promotion and education strategy
has been targeted to organics in the waste
streams (green, food, fibre) and the re-direction
to recycling using the collection service.
2. Capturing/Flaring Landfill Gas
In addition to the audit processes, a number of
improvements were made to the Landfill Gas
(LFG) collection system to reduce odour
and increase gas flows through the flare, thus
reducing net carbon pollution from the site.
A major improvement was the construction
of a new ‘ring main’ to connect the leachate
collection blanket (gravel drainage layer under
waste) into the LFG flaring system. This allows
for a series of pipes within the gravel layer and
the Stage 2 leachate sump to be connected
directly into the flare.
The work also included the connection of a
series of valves, monitoring and drainage points
so that each pipe branch could be controlled
separately and operated safely.
The results have been excellent with an initial
increase in gas capture of over 66 per cent.
3.Third Leachate Pond
The process for construction of the third pond
commenced in May 2011. It is a variation to the
original development approval for the landfill.
State Government approval is required for this
third pond, which will double the capacity of the
two ponds already on-site.
The Department of Planning, Transport and
Infrastructure/EPA has confirmed that given
the process to date, and information already
provided, approval can be expected following
receipt of appropriate construction drawings and
technical specifications. Survey work has been
completed with detailed designs commissioned.
The contingency pond for the storage of excess
leachate should be available for use for the 2014
winter season.
NAWMA’s new water truck at Uleybury
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