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Town of Gawler Annual Report 2012/13
Page 138
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The green waste (350 tonnes for the period)
was compacted and transported to Jeffries in
30 cubic metre bins for processing. Transport
efficiencies were 2.5 to 3 times better than levels
achieved in an uncompacted state. This is a
very pleasing and cost efficient result.
Green waste volumes were expected to
increase substantially in spring and early summer
with a financially healthy result for the RRC.
The residual waste (after resource recovery) is
transported to SITA Resource Co, again using
a static compactor and larger 40 cubic metre
bins. The transport efficiencies are twice that
compared to an uncompacted bin.
With an increase to the State Waste Levy,
the SITA Resource Co charge for disposal is
attractive, even with the inclusion of the transport
component. However, the disposal of residual
waste is costly. Therefore, it is in NAWMA’s
best interests to maximise resource recovery
In this regard, the recovery and recycling of
various products delivered to the RRC is very
positive with solid markets being established.
The facility is progressively ramping-up to its
projected throughput.
NAWMA Deputy Chairman, Sam Green, Finding Workable Solutions Chairman, Wojtek Swietek, and Minister Ian Hunter
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