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Town of Gawler Annual Report 2012/13
Page 14
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Gawler is located approximately 42 kilometres north of Adelaide, at the edge of the metropolitan area and identifies itself
as a separate provincial town.
The Town of Gawler covers an area of 42 square kilometres. Within its boundaries are the following areas:
• Bibaringa*
• Gawler South
• Evanston
• Gawler West
• Evanston Gardens • Hillier*
• Evanston Park
• Kudla
• Evanston South
• Reid
• Gawler
• Uleybury*
• Gawler East
• Willaston
*Area extends beyond Town of Gawler boundary
Gawler’s estimated population, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2012, was 20,536. Since its formation
in 1839, Gawler has served as a regional centre for the surrounding area providing retail, education, medical, community
and recreational services and facilities. The catchment for Gawler is estimated at 90,000 persons.
An ABS Regional Profile of the Town of Gawler, commissioned in 2011, provides a snapshot of Gawler in comparison to
the State. It confirms that the Town of Gawler has:
• a similar unemployment rate (5.9%) compared to the rest of SA
• a greater proportion of one parent families (14%) than the rest of SA
• less than the State average of the population are born overseas (23%)
• a similar number of young people (30%) compared to the rest of SA
• less young people (15-19 years) studying full time (42%) compared to the rest of SA
• a greater proportion of the population is of retirement age (18%) compared to the rest of SA
Young families, retirees and elderly citizens all choose to live in Gawler for its relaxed lifestyle. Residents and visitors
identify that the strong sense of history, community and environmental pride are major social assets for Gawler,
complementing the services and facilities the Town provides.
The community is actively interested and involved in the changes that affect the town. Community consultation by all
three tiers of government, social gatherings and the forum hosted by the local newspapers provide avenues for public
debate and the opportunity for residents to influence future outcomes.
Gawler Profile
In addition to the legislative requirements above, Council
also incorporates the following activities within its financial
governance framework:
• Monthly Finance Reports are tabled to Council, outside
of the periodic (quarterly) reviews of the Annual Budget /
Business Plan;
• A Council Comparative Data Report, which compares the
financial performance of the Council with similar Councils’,
is tabled to Council on an annual basis (the various financial
data provided is sourced from comparative data provided by
the South Australian Local Government Grants Commission).
Human Resources
The Town of Gawler’s future success depends upon the skills,
energy and commitment of its employees. A clear strategic
focus in human resource management aligns the organisation
with its business strategy. A highly productive and competent
workforce will deliver services that demonstrate Council’s
ability to meet infrastructure, community and financial
Council needs to attract, develop and retain talented
individuals and provide a stimulating, supportive and safe
work environment that enables them to maximise their
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