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Town of Gawler Annual Report 2012/13
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Gawler River Floodplain Management Authority
Annual Report 2012 – 2013
Executive Officer Performance Review Committee
On 15 February, 2013 a review committee was formed to oversight of the Executive Officer
Services Contract, including the annual contract performance review process.
The members of the Committee are:
Dr Bruce Eastick AM
Mr Charles Mansueto, CEO, District Council of Mallala
Mr Ian Baldwin, Director, Barossa Council
The Committee held one meeting during the year on 12 April 2013.
Gawler River Flood Mitigation Scheme
The ‘Scheme’ is described in the ‘Gawler River Flood Mitigation Scheme’, published by the
Northern Adelaide and Barossa Catchment Water Management Board and the Department
of Water, Land and Biodiversity Conservation, October 2002. Based on the Gawler River
Flood Management Study - Flood Management Plan prepared for The Gawler River Flood
Management Working Party, BC Tonkin and Associates, April 1994.
Following the November 2005 flood, the Australian Government, South Australian
Government, the six Constituent Councils and the Northern Adelaide Barossa Catchment
Water Management Board committed to a funding package totalling $20 million to implement
the Scheme.
The Scheme comprised three parts as follows:
The construction of a flood mitigation dam on the North Para River near Gawler – the
Bruce Eastick North Para Flood Mitigation Dam was completed in December 2007.
Modifications to the dam wall and spillway of the South Para Reservoir to provide
flood mitigation – the modifications reached practical completion in June 2012.
Construction of levees including the formalization of a controlled parallel flow path
together with sensitive vegetation and channel maintenance along the lower reaches
of the Gawler River - to be later described as Strategy 6d – this part of the Scheme
was abandoned following the findings of the Gawler River Mapping Study in 2008.
In February 2008, the Gawler River Mapping Study was completed to identify the impact of
the March 2007 estimates and to identify strategies to mitigate the impact of flooding.
In June 2009, the Board amended the Business Plan to include the preparation of a
River Flood Mitigation Scheme
Mark Two
, planned to build on the studies of recent years
and bring forward strategies that can cost effectively reduce the impact of flooding from the
Gawler River. The development of the Mark Two Scheme had been delayed by the need to
provide additional funding to complete the modifications to the South Para Reservoir.
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