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Town of Gawler Annual Report 2012/13
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Key factors behind the increased expenditure included:
(a) Employee costs
– an increase of $569,000 (7.3%) was attributable to a number of factors as follows:
1 An additional new position approved (increasing the number of full-time equivalent staff from 106 to 107);
2 Increase in wage/salary rates in line with Enterprise Bargaining Agreements;
3 The filling of staff positions during 2012/13 that had remained vacant for extended positions during the 2011/12
financial year.
(b) Materials, contracts and other expenses
– an increase of $617,000 (7.4%), which was primarily attributable to the
following factors:
1 Increased demand for contract staff at the Gawler Aquatic Centre, predominantly driven by increased attendances;
2 Annual licence fee for new Asset Management Software acquired;
3 Increased energy costs, most notably water and electricity;
4 Engagement of a contract parking control officer (funded from associated vacant staffing position);
5 Increased costs associated with the routine maintenance and repair of plant & machinery;
6 Increase in value of in-kind community donations (via either free or reduced hire of Council facilities);
7 Increase in debt collection costs as a resulted of an increased focus in the recovery of outstanding debtors (the level
of outstanding rate debtors reduced from 6.5% (30 June 2012) to 5.0% (30 June 2013) and subsequently met
associated interim performance target of 6%);
8 Increased legal costs associated with development control activities (the level of such costs may fluctuate from year
to-year based on the level / nature of planning appeals, etc.);
9 The engagement of a specialist Grants Submission Writer, to assist Council in the preparation of various grant
applications towards securing external funding for various projects;
10 Costs associated with the planning and management of future rapid development / population growth within Gawler.
(c) Depreciation
– a decrease of $708,000 (17.2%) due to a condition based assessment review of Councils’ infrastructure
assets (such as roads, footpaths, kerb & gutter, etc) which indicated that, in many instances, the recorded useful and/or
remaining life of such assets could appropriately be substantially extended. As a result, in such cases the remaining life
over which the asset would continue to be depreciated was extended, thereby culminating in a reduced annual depreciation
expense for such assets.
Councillors Adrian Shackley, Scott Fraser, Karen Redman and Diane
Fraser at a Council meeting
Jayde Hodge, Brad Chenoweth, Shania Chenoweth, Bec Aldridge, Brandon
Hodge and Josh Hodge making a splash at the Gawler Aquatic Centre
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