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Town of Gawler Annual Report 2012/13
Page 22
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strategic directions
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Strategic Direction 1
A distinctive identity
Gawler is different fromAdelaide’s metropolitan suburbs. The
community does not support joining-up with the outer suburbs.
It wants open, attractive and economic rural spaces around it
and a level of independence for many services and facilities.
Preservation and active use of Gawler’s historic built and
natural features is important to the community, in particular the
built heritage and town rivers and parklands.
The performance status of each objective outlined in
the 2012/13 Delivery Program is illustrated by the below
In progress
Not commenced
or deferred
Flags on the Town Hall balcony
Outcome 1.1:
A Separate Town (not a Suburb)
Strategy 1.1.1 - Urban design policies and strategies that support and leverage the town’s character
Strategy 1.1.2 - Adequate services and facilities to thrive as a regional town
Strategy 1.1.3 - Define and communicate Gawler’s identity
Outcome 1.2:
Well Presented Gawler Assets
Strategy 1.2.1 - Develop, refurbish, manage and maintain critical assets such as open spaces, cvic buildings and
entries to Gawler
Outcome 1.3:
Valued Local History and Culture
Strategy 1.3.1 - Local history preserved and promoted
Strategy 1.3.2 - Heritage properties identified, promoted and protected
Outcome 1.4:
A Rural Green Belt for Production and Conservation
Strategy 1.4.1 - Rural production, including alternative and innovative economic development
Strategy 1.4.2 - Development policies to facilitate rural production and economic development
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