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Town of Gawler Annual Report 2012/13
Page 23
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Performance Summary
Marketing and communications
This year saw exciting projects being implemented
within Council’s Communications and Marketing
Department. Hosting a Council stall at the 2012
Gawler Show brought over 370 entrants into the raffle.
Contact details were collected from these entrants to
add to Council’s Community Consultation Database.
Next year will bring new initiatives with increased
community engagement and a Social Media Strategy
which is due for completion in November 2013.
View tables and figures relating to marketing and
communications on page 26.
Gawler Visitor Information Centre
The Gawler Visitor Information Centre is open 7 days
a week providing many services to visitors and locals
which include accommodation and tour bookings,
passenger and event ticketing, local produce,
souvenirs and information making it a one stop shop.
Visitors to the Centre have benefited from the quality
services provided by the staff and 32 volunteers. Over
5,600 volunteer hours were provided at the Visitor
Centre this year.
Promotional activity this year integrated elements of
the Town’s identity in all marketing and promotional
projects which included guided bus tours of Gawler’s
heritage lacework during History Month in May 2013.
Community events
Council is extremely pleased to once again support
the many community events which Gawler has to offer.
This year saw the Gawler Carols, Gawler Agricultural,
Horticultural and Floricultural Society (Gawler Show)
and Rotary Village Fair events to name a few, being
offered to the community with record numbers in
Achievements for 2012/13
Gawler Urban Rivers Master Plan
The Gawler Urban Rivers Project was initiated in 2009.
Thid project would improve Gawler’s urban waterways
through the protection of river health, the conservation
of biodiversity, and the provision of an interconnected
and accessible parkland network.
The Gawler Urban Rivers Master Plan has been
formulated to provide the Gawler community with a
guiding tool for the future management of Gawler’s
river corridors. The Master plan provides a review of
• river health
• biodiversity
• heritage and recreation studies
• an analysis of key management issues
• opportunities and actions to maintain, improve and
complement the unique attributes of Gawler urban
Gawler Cultural Heritage Collection Management
In April 2013 Council accepted the Gawler Cultural
Heritage Collection Management Plan prepared by
Ms Denise Schumann, Cultural Heritage Consultant.
This significant document has been the culmination
of a twelve (12) month project, partially funded by
a South Australian History Fund Grant, to provide
Council with a practical framework to guide the
development of the unique and intriguing collection
of cultural items owned by the Town of Gawler. The
Management Plan contained 21 recommendations for
future action. Twenty thousand dollars was committed
for the 2013/14 budget to create and implement an
associated Action Plan.
Heritage Financial Assistance Fund
Council continues to support those landowners who
have heritage-listed properties upon their land. In the
2012/13 financial year, three (3) Local Heritage Grants
were provided to improve the heritage value of local
properties. Generally these involved improvements
that are visible from the public realm, including repairs
to external walls, remedial work to a stone wall and
the replacement of a front fence. Council’s Heritage
Adviser review all grant applications to ensure
they provide the community with the best possible
outcomes. These properties were spread across the
Council area. Council remains committed to providing
heritage grants each financial year with a maximum of
$1,500 available for each property.
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