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Town of Gawler Annual Report 2012/13
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Australia Day Awards and Breakfast
Each year, Council calls for nominations of those who
are representative of Australia; volunteers, traders,
artists, sporting stars and others, people who fully
embrace the fundamental values of what we celebrate
as a nation on Australia Day.
Council acknowledges and congratulates the following
category winners for 2012:-
Australia Day Citizen of the Year Award:
Marie Davis and Stephen Frinsdorf (joint winners).
The most outstanding Citizen for the local government
Australia Day Young Citizen Award:
Meredith Hennessy. The most outstanding Young
Citizen for the local government authority.
Corporate Citizen of the year Award:
Peter and Carolyn Meznar (Meznar Furniture). The
most outstanding business Citizen for the local
government authority.
The Community Event of the Year Award:
Gawler Health Foundation Review
(Dr Michael Brown). The person or group who has
staged the most outstanding community event during
the year.
The Community Group of the year Award:
Gawler Wheelers. This is presented to the group who
has made a significant contribution to the community
during the past year.
All of the above awards were presented at the annual
Australia Day Breakfast held in Apex Park on
26 January 2013. Council thanks event partners,
Gawler Apex Club and all other service clubs who
assisted in making the breakfast such an enjoyable one.
Ivan Copley, Australian Day Ambassador assisted in the
Gawler Aquatic Centre
The entrance of Gawler Aquatic Centre was repainted
prior to the opening of the 2012/13 season on 1 October
2012. Repainting and new signage was in line with
changing the name of the centre. Repainting of the plant
room is planned for 2013/14.
Murray Street stage 3 footpath construction
Murray Street Footpath Upgrade Stage 3 has been
successfully completed. The project scope covered the
western side of Murray Street between Calton Road
and Bridge Road South. The project included cross
street drainage plus footpath and kerbing upgrade,
similar to that which occurred on the eastern side in
the 2011/12 year. The project includes the completion
of the two (2) pedestrian crossings and banner pole
installations. The project was completed on time and
within budget, enabling additional footpath works to be
completed at the Calton intersection and in front of the
Old Spot Hotel development site.
Future Plans
Civic signage
Entrance signs to Gawler have been identified as a
priority and installation of signs occurred at nine (9) entry
points to Gawler during September 2013. The signage
program also identified that improved directional and
precinct signs are also required for community services
and business precincts. This will be addressed next year.
Gawler Connect
Gawler Connect, a major regional infrastructure
project will create a modern arts, cultural, business
and community centre in the heritage-listed and
culturally significant Town Hall and Institute buildings
in Gawler’s main street. This proposed redevelopment
will augment social inclusion, life-long learning, training
and universal access to community-identified services
and facilities.
Outcomes of the Gawler Connect redevelopment
1. Rejuvenating the Town Hall, Institute and Main
Street as a community hub
2. Job creation and skill development
3. Development of a community precinct for local
business development, art and culture
4. Retention of culture and heritage
Community consultation has been a priority in
developing Gawler Connect. The first community
workshop was conducted in July 2013. Nearly 50
residents attended and most participants said that the
workshop increased their understanding of the purpose
and plans for the Gawler Connect development. An
ongoing community engagement strategy will keep the
community and stakeholders involved in the progress
of this development over the next 12 months.
The completed project will cost several millions of
dollars. During the year, Council has taken a strategic
approach in seeking project partners to support the
Gawler Connect cultural and digital community hub.
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