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Town of Gawler Annual Report 2012/13
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strategic directions
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Investment in digital technology
Gawler will showcase the potential of digital technology
through a number of initiatives:
1. In 2013/14 the Australian Government will provide
Gawler with funding to develop interactive,
community services through the Council website.
This will include library information, planning and
development applications, youth information, events
at the pool or sports centre and links to local
business information.
2. A community wide Digital Strategy will be developed
to ensure a measured approach to digital uptake and
application occurs in Gawler.
3. Installation of high definition video conferencing
facilities will be installed at the Elderly Centre to
assist with the Home and Community Care services.
4. A contemporary, digital and interpretive gallery for
the significant Gawler Heritage Collection is planned.
175 Celebrations
During 2014, Gawler will come alive as the Town
celebrates 175 years of European settlement. Many
community groups will organise celebratory events to
mark this important occasion. To coordinate this, Gawler
has established the Gawler 175 Events Committee.
A program of events will be published on the Town of
Gawler website (
) and promoted
on the Gawler History Team’s Wiki website (
Rural land use and infrastructure investigation
This project will develop a comprehensive report
which establishes a vision, strategies, policies and
actions for the future of Gawler’s rural areas. This will
inform economic and land-use planning initiatives. The
project will develop a clear picture of the significant
social, environmental and economic factors influencing
Gawler’s rural areas and how these factors should be
harnessed to benefit the area. This project is planned
for 2013/14.
Town character Development Plan Amendment
Gawler has a very rich and proud heritage and the
local community recognise this value and want to
hold onto Gawler’s unique character by reinforcing
its distinctiveness and strong point of difference. The
protection of Gawler’s historic and unique character,
while still ensuring a level of flexibility needed to
attract and retain investment in both historic and newly
established areas of the council has been identified as
an important issue.
The aim of this Development Plan Amendment will be to
ensure principles of a development control contained
in Council’s Development Plan are strong enough to
protect Gawler’s historic and unique character, while
still ensuring enough flexibility to encourage future
investment and ongoing maintenance. The initial
investigation will result in the development of a series
of guidelines relating to development in heritage areas
as well as forms of appropriate infill development in
established areas. This will provide advice and guidance
to the community on appropriate building designs, land
division layouts, materials and colours. This project is
planned for 2013/14.
Murray Street upgrade works
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