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Town of Gawler Annual Report 2012/13
introduction • summary •
strategic directions
• statutory information • index
Strategy: A separate town (not a suburb)
Murray Street Upgrade Stage 3 Completed.
Civic Signage
New entrance signs were installed in September 2013.
Marketing and Communications Completed.
Strategy: Well presented Gawler assets
Playground Equipment
There was no playground equipment replaced last year as Council’s
intention is to develop a playground strategy before any new
equipment is installed.
Skate Park/Youth Precinct
Community engagement process was completed. Approval received
throught the DAP and contractor has been engaged. This project is on
hold, awaiting outcomes of an appeal by a third party to Environmental
Resources and Development Court. A determination is anticipated in
December 2013.
Timber Grandstand Removal -
Gawler Oval
Council has allocated $50,000 to fund the removal of the grandstand.
Timing of which is linked to other opportunities at the site.
Gawler Aquatic Centre
Strategy: Valued local history and culture
Heritage Financial Assistance Fund Completed.
Gawler Cultural Heritage Collection
Management Plan
Strategy: A rural greenbelt for production and conservation
Gawler Urban Rivers Master Plan Completed.
The below chart is a performance summary which indicates the level achieved for each project. Green indicates
completed and achieved, yellow indicates partially achieved and in progress and red indicates not achieved and
the project is about to commence.
Clonlea Park Reserve
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