Gawler 2012-13 Annual Report - page 28

Town of Gawler Annual Report 2012/13
Strategic Direction 2
Sustainable Growth Management
The State Government predicts a doubling in Gawler’s
population in the next 10-15 years. Council is mindful of the
additional pressures that this population growth will have on
existing civic services and facilities.
Council is committed to embracing this growth. It will adopt
positive and sustainable maintenance of existing assets
and carefully plan for the future community infrastructure
requirements to ensure economic, social and environmentally
sustainable growth.
The performance status of each objective outlined in the
2012/13 Delivery Program is illustrated by the below symbols.
Bottle Brushes on Redbanks Road, Willaston
Page 28
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Outcome 2.1:
Invest in Planning related to Growth
Strategy 2.1.1 - Understand key future development and service issues to inform and produce plans ahead of
Strategy 2.1.2 - Local business growth, diversity and employment
Outcome 2.2:
Services and Facilities that Meet Community Needs
Strategy 2.2.1 - Council’s services managed and maintained at a level of service that the community can afford
Strategy 2.2.2 - Social and community services delivered or facilitated through Council
Outcome 2.3:
A Local Government that is Financially Viable
Strategy 2.3.1 - Plan for the long term sustainability of Council’s operations
Outcome 2.4:
An Effective Transport System
Strategy 2.4.1 - An integrated transport system for Gawler
Strategy 2.4.2 - Promote use of public transport through design of urban form
Strategy 2.4.3 - A walkable and cycleable town
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