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Town of Gawler Annual Report 2012/13
Page 29
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Performance Summary
Achievements for 2012/13
Update Council’s Long Term Financial Plan
Councils long term financial planning deliberations
were focused on the incorporation of the Asset
Management Plan towards achieving a sustainable
operating surplus by 2014/15. The updated Asset
Management Plan was incorporated within the Long
Term Financial Plan which was adopted in June 2013.
Youth and Child Friendly Gawler Initiative
The Child and Youth Friendly Greater Gawler Strategic
Plan has evolved out of a community forum held on
15 November 2011. Since that time a Steering
Committee has formed to develop Gawler as a Child and
Youth Friendly Town.
To achieve this, children and youth rights would be
reflected in policies, laws, programs and budgets, and
their perspectives and opinions sought in decision
making processes. Over the coming year Council will
work with the Steering Committee to progress these
Shared walkway development
Work continued in planning and sourcing funding
opportunities for the linkage and extension between
existing Gawler Rivers paths network and the regional
paths of the Stuart O’Grady Northern Expressway Path
and the Jack Bobridge Barossa Path.
Public Transport Program 2012/13
Town of Gawler with additional funding by the State
Government Department of Planning, Transport
and Infrastructure commenced a program for the
installation of bus shelters and upgrading of bus stops.
These upgrades are in line with the implementation
of the newly introduced public transport routes within
Gawler’s residential areas. In total eleven bus shelters
have been installed. Seating will be installed at priority
bus stops as funding becomes available.
Refurbishment of Stone Pavilion toilets
Refurbishment work at the Gawler Sport and
Community Centre, Stone Pavilion toilets included
demolition of the interior of the male and female toilets
including removal of asbestos. New internal walls and
toilet partitions, new windows and new doors (including
hardware) have been installed.
Gawler Rivers Flood Prone Areas Development
Plan Amendment
The purpose of this Development Plan Amendment
was to review the existing flood data in the Gawler
Development Plan and update policies according to
new flood mapping information to protect the community
against the impacts of flooding. In 2007 the Gawler River
Floodplain Management Authority commissioned a study
to more accurately map the extent of the North Para and
Gawler Rivers floodplain. This mapping included areas in
Light Regional Council, District Council of Mallala and the
City of Playford.
This Development Plan Amendment sought to
incorporate this updated flood mapping into Council’s
Development Plan and to provide an appropriate policy
response to manage the risk of existing and future
development from the impacts of flood events. This
Development Plan Amendment has been consolidated
into the Gawler Development Plan.
Infrastructure upgrades at Gawler Aquatic centre
Fencing replacement was conducted along the
northern area of Gawler Aquatic Centre. The operating
plant for the learners and toddler pools was replaced
prior to the 2012/13 season to ensure efficient plant
Future Plans
Strategic Directions Report
Council is in the process of reviewing the planning
and development policies contained within the
Development Plan to ensure they are consistent with
the South Australian Planning Strategy, Council’s
Strategic Plan and community aspirations. Section
30 of the
Development Act 1993
requires Councils to
review their Development Plan every five (5) years
or when the State Planning Strategy is altered to
determine how the aims and objectives of the Strategy
can be implemented in their area.
This is known as a Strategic Directions Report and
outlines a strategic vision for growth in the Council
area by means of a program of Development Plan
Amendments (DPA’s), which translates this strategic
vision into Development Plan content.
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