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Town of Gawler Annual Report 2012/13
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environmental assets, future trends and principles
of good urban design and be viewed as a road map
for future development. This project is planned for
Barossa, Light and Lower North Region Open Space,
Recreation and Public Realm Strategy
The Barossa Council on behalf of the Barossa, Light
and Lower North Region (The Barossa Council, Light
Regional Council, District Council of Mallala, Town
of Gawler and Regional Development Australia) was
successful in acquiring funding from the Office for
Recreation and Sport to develop a regional open space,
recreation and public realm strategy.
The aim of this project is to develop a coordinated and
prioritised strategy for the management and design
of open space, which includes recreation, sport, trail
networks and public realm spaces and to ensure
alignment with the vision, targets, relevant strategies and
polices in the 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide. This
project is scheduled for completion in 2013/14.
Gawler Sport and Recreation Strategy 2014-25
The South Australian Government recognises Gawler
as a future growth precinct and a suitable location for a
major sporting hub. Currently there is no plan or process
to determine the current and future sport and recreation
facility and services needs to the Town of Gawler. Council
was successful in gaining grant funds through the State
Government to develop a Gawler Sport and Recreation
Strategy 2014-25 to:
1. Guide the consolidation, future development and
specify additional support required for recreation and
sport provision within the Town of Gawler;
2. Provide a strategic approach to Council’s role and
function in its provision, future investment and support
for recreation and sport services;
3. Analyse the inventory and any associated trends,
current issues and future priorities that may affect the
provision and management of infrastructure for
recreation and structured sport;
4. Identify and examine opportunities to consolidate sport
and recreation facilities and develop community
sporting hubs; and
5. Provide Council with costed priorities and
consideration of funding models and opportunities.
This study will be conducted in 2013/14.
Town Centre Strategic Framework
Gawler’s town centre and main street play a vital role
in delivering public realm strategies within the town and
Barossa region. The Town Centre Strategic Framework
was conducted this year to focus on reinforcing the
economic, social and historical significance of Gawler’s
Town Centre. The Town of Gawler is committed to the
revitalisation and redevelopment of the town centre and
this framework will contribute to the development of a
funding application for a master planning process for
Gawler’ s Town Centre.
Town Centre Urban Design Master Plan
The 2003/04 Town Centre Master Plan is approaching
the end of its 10 year implementation and the Town
Centre Strategic Framework is due for completion
in 2012/13. It is timely for Council to produce a new
Town Centre Urban Design Master Plan in order to
identify urban design and public realm priorities to guide
Council’s future decision-marking.
A new Town Centre Urban Design Master Plan is the
next step in relation to the rejuvenation of the Town
Centre, building on the success of the 2003/04 Master
Plan by incorporating recommendations contained in
the Town Centre Strategic Framework. A Town Centre
Urban Design Master Plan will also build on a number
of other open space and public realm studies under
development, such as Barossa and Lower North Region
Open Space, Recreation and Public Realm Strategy
and the Traffic and Transport Management Plan.
The Town Centre Urban Design Master Plan will
not only spatially identify key public realm priorities,
but provide a level of detailed urban design needed
to inform future budgetary processes. This project
is planned for commencement in 2013/14. Funding
to assist this process will be sought from the South
Australian Government and the outcome will be known in
the 2013/14 financial year.
Structure Plan
A Structure Plan is proposed to set out land-use
policies to manage the change that is forecast to
occur in the region. The aim of the Structure Plan is
to provide a planning and design framework to guide
development in new growth areas, such as Gawler
The Structure Plan will outline a blue print for growth
based on an assessment of existing infrastructure and
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