Gawler 2012-13 Annual Report - page 31

Town of Gawler Annual Report 2012/13
Page 31
introduction • summary •
strategic directions
• statutory information • index
South Australian Planning Policy Library
Conversion Development Plan Amendment
A South Australian Policy Library Conversion
Development Plan Amendment will promote
consistency between other Development Plans in
the State and ensure Council’s Development Plan is
easier to navigate and comprehend, providing a high
level of certainty for users.
It is not proposed that this DPA will significantly change
existing policies, but rather adopt a new format and
layout for the Development Plan that will assist with
other more specific DPA’s in the future.
Economic Development Strategy
Council has identified the need to quantify its role
in the context of the National, State, Regional and
Local economics. This study will focus on how best
to generate economic activity and local employment
Installation of Links Point of Sale and Booking
Management System
Links Point of Sale and Booking system will be
introduced at Council buildings next year commencing
with the Gawler Sport and Community Centre from 1
July 2013. The bookings component of the system will
allow for bookings to be made for all Council owned
facilities and provide staff with better data regarding
the use of all assets.
Disability access at Clonlea Reserve
An upgraded amenity block to accommodate the
needs of people with disabilities is planned for
Development of Gawler Showground Precinct
Event Guidelines
The Gawler Showground Precinct is home to a number
of annual and ad hoc events. Guidelines will be
developed for the current and future event use of this
area. This will allow for a strategic approach to any
developments within the area and allow for community
input on the future use of the Showground Precinct.
Traffic and Transport Management Plan
This Plan will be developed in response to the
increasing impacts on the Town Centre caused by
increased traffic along Murray Street. It will provide
clear guidance, policy directions and a strategic
perspective for traffic and transport measures for
Gawler, in response to the future expansion of the
Barossa region.
The Plan will also identify a functional road hierarchy
for the town of Gawler which can provide a framework
for the development of future transport infrastructure.
Roads will be classified based on future new growth
areas surrounding Gawler including the proposed
Gawler East Link Road and the Concordia Northern
Connector Road.
The Plan will provide a qualitative cost benefit analysis
for transport infrastructure measures which will assist
in prioritising future project work, a broad capital works
budget and assessing traffic behaviour in the Town of
Gawler, including heavy vehicles.
Milne Road Drain
The Milne Road Drain (MRD) not only provides an
important function in the dissemination of surface
water runoff during rain events, but provides
opportunities for stormwater harvest and reuse within
the region.
The MRD is in very poor functional condition and
Council is currently investigating methods of mitigating
their risk in relation to flooding from the MRD. An
analytical report will be developed next year that will
inform possible solutions to the issue of the capacity of
the MRD.
The report will give consideration to:
• the possibility of future urban expansion within the
MRD catchment;
• costs, frequency and practicalities of maintenance;
• water sensitive urban design requirements of new
urban developments;
• the potential and impact of stormwater harvest and
• coordination and opportunity with other urban
development east of the railway line; and
• the existing residents and land uses.
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