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Town of Gawler Annual Report 2012/13
Page 32
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Gawler and Surrounds Stormwater Management
Plan (SMP)
The Stormwater Management Plan will identify
flood mitigation measures for the Gawler River and
North and South Para Rivers, within the study area,
to reduce the risk of flood damage. The SMP will
also identify deficiencies in the existing stormwater
system within the study area, particularly the existing
developed areas.
The Town of Gawler, Light Regional Council and The
Barossa Council have numerous isolated drainage
studies, however many of these studies are out of
date and are largely no longer relevant, due to urban
The proposed SMP aims to incorporate the latest
information with respect to current and future
development to assess the performance of the existing
stormwater system and recommend works to achieve
a suitable standard of flood protection. An assessment
of the risk of increased flooding associated with
increased development density within the existing
developed areas will also be undertaken.
A desktop review of the existing underground piped
stormwater system infrastructure within the study area
and potential overland flow paths will be undertaken.
The Town of Gawler has approximately 25 gross
pollutant traps within its boundary. Apart from the
gross pollutant traps there are no other significant
water quality improvement devices with the study area.
The most obvious location to improve stormwater
quality is in the numerous stormwater detention
basins scattered throughout the study area. Further
investigations will be required to identify water quality
improvement measures such as wetlands, vegetated
swales and bio retention in the remainder of the study
Chris Parks and Barry Chammen, Town of Gawler staff members
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