Gawler 2012-13 Annual Report - page 34

Town of Gawler Annual Report 2012/13
Page 34
introduction • summary •
strategic directions
• statutory information • index
Strategy: Invest in planning related to growth
Southern Urban Area Stormwater
Design & Management
Infrastructure Community Assets
Project (ICAP)
Understanding key future development and service issues to inform
and produce plans ahead of requirements/demands. Projects
underway include: Traffic and Transport Management Plan, Gawler
and Surrounds Stormwater Management Plan, Rural Areas Land Use
and Infrastructure, Town Centre Master Plan, Community Infrastructure
Needs Strategy, Smith Creek Catchment Stormwater Management
Plan and the 10yr Capital Works Program.
Town Centre Strategic Framework Progressing a funding application for a master planning process for
Gawler’s Town Centre.
Investigate Council’s Geographic
Information System Framework
Investigating the development and maintenance of a Geographic
Information System database and other systems. Council is currently
developing this framework which includes the human resource
Traffic and Transport Management
Council has commenced preparation of a strategic plan for transport
and traffic access and road asset development for a 10-20 year
planning horizon.
Gawler and Surrounds Stormwater
Management Plan
The Gawler and Surrounds Stormwater Management Plan is expected
to be completed over the next 12 months.
Milne Road Drain Actions and
Opportunities Mapping
The report is expected to be completed by March 2014.
Youth and Child Friendly Gawler
Gawler Rivers Flood Prone Areas
Strategic Directions Report
This project is scheduled for completion in the 2013/14 reporting
Barossa, Light and Lower North
Region Open Space, Recreation
and Public Realm Strategy
This project is scheduled for completion in the 2013/14 reporting
Hillier DPA
A draft Development Plan Amendment was prepared and subsequently
released for public and agency consultation in 2012. Council is
currently responding to public and agency submissions before finalising
its position and forwarding it to the South Australian Government
Minister for Planning.
Strategy: Services and facilities that meet community needs
Disability Access Toilet - Clonlea
This project has been delayed as construction will occur concurrently
with the skate park development.
Refurbishment of Stone Pavilion
Infrastructure upgrading at the
Gawler Aquatic Centre
The below chart is a performance summary which indicates the level achieved for each project. Green indicates
completed and achieved, yellow indicates partially achieved and in progress and red indicates not achieved and
the project is about to commence.
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